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Student career stories

In a full-service professional services firm such as Pitcher Partners, you can experience a diverse range of career pathways when you join one of our student programs. Here, you can read the stories of our graduates and why they chose a Pitcher Partners firm.
Meet Susan: client connector and high achiever

Meet Susan Chen, a client connector and high achiever. Joining the firm as a graduate with a Bachelor of International Commerce (Accounting and Japanese) under her belt, Susan is a fast learner who has carved an admirable career path thanks to Pitcher Partners’ endless opportunities for training and growth. You can read Susan’s story here.

Meet Aldo: tax expert and aspiring video producer

Meet Aldo Sriwahyudi, a tax expert and aspiring video producer who began his journey with Pitcher Partners as a cadet in Pitcher Partners Sydney. Working his way up through the ranks while simultaneously completing his bachelor’s degree, Aldo has developed a rewarding 8-year career with exposure to diverse on-the-job learning across tax and accounting, with many exciting opportunities ahead. You can read Aldo’s story here.

Meet Maggie: global citizen and aspiring audit expert

Meet Maggie Tryde, a global citizen and aspiring audit expert who is taking part in the Pitcher Partners Melbourne graduate program. Drawn to the firm’s reputation for career progression and a supportive culture, Pitcher Partners was the obvious choice for Maggie to start her accounting career. Read Maggie’s story to discover what stood out when considering the graduate program, and why she knew she would be supported in her career. You can read Maggie’s career story here.

Meet Jordan: from science major to accounting aficionado

Meet Jordan Michelin, who has a love of both science and accounting. As an accounting and immunology major, there were several career pathways Jordan could have taken. But the focus on numbers and its collaborative nature saw accounting take his focus. Aside from the opportunity to experience accounting work, Jordan was drawn to the Pitcher Partners Melbourne program because he was enthused by the culture and reputation of the firm, particularly the middle market focus. You can read Jordan’s career story here.   

Meet Chamara: Sports fanatic and data whiz

Meet Chamara Liyanaarachchi, a sports fanatic and data whiz who began his journey with Pitcher Partners Melbourne in 2019 when he completed the Vacationer Program. A particular highlight for him was the firm’s people and inviting culture, not just the working culture but the culture outside of work, and how that allowed him to sustain a good work-life balance. You can read Chamara’s career story here.

Meet Damon: audit enthusiast and footy fan

Meet Damon Fairchild, who is an audit enthusiast by day and a footy fan by night. Damon joined the Pitcher Partners Melbourne graduate program in 2021 and, while initially he was not sure if accounting was his desired pathway, the ability to experience multiple practices as part of the program, as well as the personable and team-oriented focus, sparked Damon’s interest in a career with the firm. You can read Damon’s career story here.

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