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External audit

The external audit is an integral part of the corporate governance process which offers assurance to all stakeholders, maintains best practice within your entity and provides opportunities to grow through genuine insights.
An independent perspective

Today’s corporate world presents increasingly complex risks and broadening demands on all businesses. Due to recent ‘force of law’ changes in audit standards, the external audit has become an integral part of the corporate governance process.

Business owners and managers are often occupied with running their business and have little time to step back and assess potential risks. An independent audit provides value through understanding the business and identifying key risk areas from an open and objective perspective. The reliable financial information and additional business feedback generated by an audit often leads to better decision making and improved performance.

The value of an external audit

Meet obligations

Directors have significant fiduciary duties under the Corporations Act 2001, which includes corporate governance obligations.

Trustworthy insights

If you have little involvement in the day-to-day operations of your business or are removed from the financial function, an external audit ensures the results reported by management are credible.

Mitigate risks

A risk-based audit approach offers insight into the finances and operations of a business, ensuring you are best prepared to meet any challenge.

Business growth

Apply the insights from your audit to improve and grow your business offering and operations.

The right audit for your business

Statutory audits

Provides all stakeholders with appropriate assurance over financial statements, as well as independent identification of risks and opportunities to improve corporate governance and business growth opportunities.

Special purpose audits

Obtain assurance over specific financial and non-financial issues through a tailored independent audit of your areas of concern.

Seamless audits with no surprises

Pitcher Partners has a comprehensive, proven audit methodology capable of managing the largest and most complex of audits. We adhere to a risk-based audit methodology, supported by best practice technology and data-mining. Our ‘no surprises’ approach means that any issues found during the audit process will be communicated to management as they arise to ensure resolution on a timely basis.

Our audit work is reviewed on site by a manager and partner, and we offer seamless service delivery with the continuity of your dedicated audit team throughout the entire process. We have robust mandatory independence and quality processes in place to ensure our professional independence and compliance with ASX Corporate Governance Recommendations.

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