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Family office

Affluent families must consider appropriate financial planning and management to ensure their wealth is protected, optimised and, at the right time, transitioned to the next generation.
Your family's financial legacy

Financially successful families must manage their complex wealth in a flexible and holistic manner to ensure it is protected, optimised and passed on to future generations. Not only is this important for effectively meeting the needs of today, but also for setting up an enduring financial legacy for years to come.

Establishing appropriate family financial planning, management and administration will offer peace of mind that all finances, taxes, structures and assets are taken care of. It will also help to maintain family harmony with relevant governance and control frameworks in place.

Tailored advice for your family

Our team of financial experts offer advice on family office matters in accordance with the family’s net worth and circumstances, such as whether they are actively operating and managing a business, the number of family groups being served, the types of investments and co-investment opportunities available, and whether the family is engaging a host of outside advisors or attempting to conduct the work in-house.

Additionally, it is important for affluent families to ensure future generations are prepared and educated to deal with the transition of wealth. Pitcher Partners also offer assistance in family wealth transition and succession planning.

The benefit of family office advice
  • Specialist services, including domestic and international tax advisory and management, cybersecurity, wealth transition and estate planning
  • Access to integrated infrastructure and streamlined processes
  • Consolidated financial and investment reporting to meet all obligations
  • Ability to scale expertise and leverage a breadth of services to achieve cost efficiencies
  • Maintain family harmony through proper governance structures
  • Liaison with lawyers, investment advisors, bank managers and insurance brokers
How can we help?
Family advisory and strategic planning
  • Family governance, including Family Charters and constitutions
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth transition
  • Executor and trustee services 
  • Contingency plans 
  • Mentoring  
Taxation, reporting and compliance


Philanthropy and education
  • Philanthropy setup and management
  • Tax consulting
  • Responsible person or trustee services
  • Audits
  • Financial compliance and administration
  • Intergenerational money management and education


Investment advisory and opportunities
  • Asset and portfolio management
  • Investment advisory and investment committee
  • Independent advisory board
  • Investment policy construction and review 
  • Asset consulting
  • Investment opportunities

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