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Cyber security

Managing your cyber security risk minimises the likelihood and impact of a breach, providing peace of mind for your business.
Peace of mind

Thousands of Australian businesses of all sizes and in all industries are subject to cyber security breaches and crimes each year. The consequences of a security breach can range from inconvenience and lost productivity to significant financial and reputational damage. Protecting your organisation and preparing for a potential breach is therefore critical to minimising any potential damage or disruption to your operations.

Proactively managing your security risk can also give your business a competitive advantage. Customers and companies increasingly prefer to do business with organisations that they know will protect their information and assets. Trust is good for business.

The benefits of working with cyber security experts

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Understanding business risk

Better understand your business security risk, identify relevant threats or gaps and optimise your security spend.
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Preventing an attack

Stay aware of new security threats and how your business should respond considering your existing security posture.
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Responding to an attack

Assistance in preparing an incident response plan, allowing you to protect your organisation and clients by minimising the impact.
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Creating security awareness

Create a strong cyber security culture in your organisation to instil good cyber practices and keep cyber safety front-of-mind when doing business.
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Embracing new technologies

Safely embrace new technologies that optimise your organisation, such as data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
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Becoming compliant

Ensure your organisation meets compliance obligations mandated by third parties, legislation and regulation, such as the Privacy Act, the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme, CPS 234, GDPR and others.
Your partners in cyber security

Our cyber security experts have extensive experience with organisations of all sizes and from different industries, allowing us to assess your security posture and provide sound guidance on how to minimise your security risk.

We appreciate that all organisations have different priorities and risk appetites, so we work closely with you to achieve an acceptable risk level while optimising the required effort and spend. With Pitcher Partners, you can rest assured your security is in safe hands.

Our experts

Andrew Beitz

Andrew Beitz

Principal Adelaide
Norman Thurecht

Norman Thurecht

Partner Brisbane
Erdem Uzuner

Erdem Uzuner

Client Director Melbourne
Scott Edden

Scott Edden

Partner Newcastle and Hunter
Paul Mulligan

Paul Mulligan

Executive Director Perth
Adam Irwin

Adam Irwin

Managing Partner Sydney
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