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Manufacturing and production​

Australia is home to a highly successful manufacturing and production sector, employing hundreds of thousands of Australians.
Manufacturing a strong future

Australia’s manufacturing and production sector hosts a number of successful family-owned and private businesses. These businesses deal with a myriad of complexities every day, from navigating industrial relations frameworks and meeting super obligations to ensuring the company is profitable.

As technology and major changes in supply chains transform the industry, manufacturing and production businesses can develop, produce and distribute products in new ways. Significant new businesses in ‘hyper-clean’ sectors, such as food and medical technologies, which are often also digital businesses, recognise the opportunity to embrace further technological advancement over the coming years.

Helping Australia’s manufacturers to grow and succeed

Businesses across the manufacturing and production industry can benefit from ongoing services, such as year end accounting and statutory audits, as well as tailored business advice, internal audits and taxation and advisory services. We work with a range of family and privately-owned businesses across this sector, including:

  • Food production and manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bioenergy
  • Automotive parts

Manufacturing and production businesses face unique challenges every day. Businesses in this sector must be able to identify and address risks while also capitalising on new opportunities to remain competitive.


Margin pressure is intense in the manufacturing industry, making it critical for businesses to understand their financial position to ensure strong, sustainable growth. For manufacturing and production businesses looking to expand internationally, it is particularly important to ensure their business has the right foundations from the outset. This will also help to proactively address any challenges that may arise as they operate overseas or consider acquisition opportunities.


Technology is introducing new ways for manufacturing and production businesses to digitise their processes. From the power of IoT to strengthening collaboration throughout the manufacturing process, technology provides opportunities for these businesses to revolutionise how they operate. Further, globalisation and the increasing ease of doing business across borders is providing import and export opportunities for many businesses in this sector.

Producing successful long term outcomes

With Pitcher Partners, you’ll have access to a robust team with extensive experience in servicing the manufacturing and production industry. Not only do we have the technical knowledge to ensure your business is profitable, but our expertise in this industry enables us to understand the unique challenges your business may face.

Our team provides accounting, information technology and audit services, as well as regular periodic management reporting.

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