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Speciality taxes

Expert advice to help you navigate the complex landscape of taxes in Australia, covering income tax, GST, employment taxes, stamp duty, land tax and more.
It pays to be proactive about tax

As the Federal, State and Territory revenue authorities increase their focus on compliance activities to fund government expenditureit is now more important than ever to ensure that your tax obligations are met and your payments are accurate.

By proactively managing your tax governance through health checks, documenting policies and procedures, and by obtaining expert guidance, you will put yourself and your organisation in the best possible position to ensure that you will not be caught out should a revenue authority undertake a compliance review or audit.

Seeking reliable tax advice

When navigating Australia’s increasingly complex tax landscape, it is highly beneficial to seek guidance from an expert who deeply understands the rules and intricacies of the various taxes. Our taxation specialists offer advice on income tax, including capital gains tax, GST, employment taxes, transfer pricing, customs duty, fuel tax credits, wine equalisation tax and luxury car tax, as well as state and territory taxes such stamp duty and land tax in all Australian jurisdictions.

Engaging with us early will put you at an advantage. We can provide you with the right guidance to appropriately structure your business processes and transactionswhich can lead to cash flow savings, paying the appropriate amount of tax and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

When should you seek speciality tax advice?

Property development

Assistance with structuring development project to be tax-effective and navigating the various federalstate and territory rules that govern property transactions.  

Capital raising

To ensure that the structure you have set up to raise debt or equity is tax-effective and you are aware of your tax obligations and tax refund entitlements.  

Revenue authority reviews

Assessment and review of your tax affairsas well as assistance with engaging with the revenue authority and, if necessary, making the relevant disclosures on your behalf, which may help with a reduction in penalties and interest charges. 

Overseas business setting up in Australia

To receive in-depth guidance on your Australian tax obligations and opportunities 

Established business without a transaction taxes specialist

To obtain expert guidance and assistance to appropriately navigate all relevant taxes.  

Industry specific tax advice

If you operate within an industry with complex tax rules, such as the property, financial services, notforprofit, education or retirement village sectors, we can provide you with industry specific advice.   

Changes to business

If your business is changing its management, control, structure, shareholding or jurisdictionwe can advise on the risk areas and opportunities.   

How can we help?
  • Reviews of capital raising vehicle structure
  • Reviews of GST systems and processes
  • Preparation of tax governance documentation
  • Health checks of existing tax governance framework and recommendations to improve tax governance
  • Management of dispute resolution process
  • Management of stamp duty and land tax investigations
  • Liaison with revenue authorities for voluntary disclosures, GST streamline assurance reviews and governance reviews
  • Training for staff on relevant tax rules for your business
Your partners in tax

Our team of taxation advisors use their combined knowledge across many industries to provide robust and commercially-focused solutions. We always aim to find opportunities for our clients to structure their transactions and businesses in the most tax-efficient manner and to translate our advice into real savings for our clients. Members of our team sit on industry and professional consultative bodies, placing them at the forefront of tax development and the tax consultation process with government and revenue authorities.

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