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Corporate governance

Whether establishing a new business, responding to substantial growth or decline, preparing for acquisition, sale or merger, or adapting to change, an independent perspective on corporate governance is invaluable.
Building a strong foundation for your business

Running a business is becoming increasingly complex, from managing market fluctuations and the impact of global events to navigating increased regulatory scrutiny. On top of this, stakeholders and shareholders are paying closer attention to the values and ethics of organisations they work for, spend money with and invest in.

Effective corporate governance can mitigate risks by establishing robust processes and policies, a strong internal culture, sound risk management and continual reviews to ensure the highest organisational standards are met and maintained. An independent perspective on corporate governance offers an objective and commercially orientated view of business performance while helping businesses to articulate and uphold their values and set a positive course for the future.

The value of independent corporate governance

Whether establishing a new business, responding to substantial growth or decline, preparing for acquisition, sale or merger, or adapting to change, an independent perspective on corporate governance is invaluable to: 

  • Highlight effective governance practices to leaders, directors and boards
  • Hold up under scrutiny from industry and regulatory bodies
  • Satisfy demands from employees, customers and suppliers to behave ethically
  • Establish good governance as a culture rather than procedure

Our corporate governance solutions

  • Health checks on governance systems and environment
  • Code of conduct reviews
  • Design and implementation of governance frameworks
  • Transition reviews
  • Preparation of annual financial reports and corporate documents
  • Board and committee assessments and reviews
  • Board management advisory services, including financial disclosures, regulatory obligations, proposed transactions and crisis support
  • Technical support and training for boards and senior management

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