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Data analytics

Leveraging data, analytics and insights can bring important commercial benefits to your business
Driven by data  

Business leaders can no longer simply rely on their intuition and experience to make important business decisions. With the quantum of data available today, it is vital to harness, analyse and leverage these analytics and insights to remain relevant and stay ahead of the competition.  

Becoming a more data-driven business can be a daunting prospect, but our data and analytics specialists can help to ease the complexity of this process. 

Regardless of where your organisation is at from a data maturity perspective, you can use analytics to improve performance, streamline operations, increase profitability, reduce risks and drive your competitive advantage. 

Common problem we help our clients solve

Risk mitigation and compliance 

In a complex regulatory environment, organisations are finding it difficult to ensure they are compliant and doing things correctly.  Applying a data-driven approach, we will help you work through this complexity and manage compliance risks, including wage and tax compliance. 

Customer experience and growth 

Organisations often want to create deep customer relationships but where do you start? We help you leverage customer insights to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, products, services and margins. We also use predictive and prescriptive analytics to forecast potential risks and opportunities and determine what action to take. 

Turning disconnected data into actionable insights  

Most organisations now have an abundance of data but you need the analytical skills to develop useful business insights. We combine disparate information sources, including financial and non-financial, to provide a single source of data that will give you the tools to generate actionable insights and analytics on demand. 

Common solutions for our clients

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Data warehousing

Enhance your decision making by accessing your critical data from difference sources in one place.
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Business Intelligence

Identify opportunities to optimise process, enhance productivity and increase your business’s performance.
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Data Science

UExtract meaning from your data by building, cleaning and structuring effectively for analysis.
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Advanced analytics

Move beyond understanding the past to forecasting the future with advanced analytics
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Information management

Ensure data quality and compliance, manage access and reduce risk with effective information management.
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Data engineering

Improve your business efficiency by automating data-related tasks
The experts in data

Our data analysts and scientists are skilled at mining, modelling and extracting valuable insights from data. We understand that the true value of analytics lies in its ability to solve business problems or unlock opportunities. 

Our approach

By talking to you, we develop a deep understanding of your business, goals, requirements and challenges. Our cross-functional team will then develop the most appropriate strategies and recommend possible solutions. In terms of projects. we understand that you may want to think big but start small. To do this, we plan and deliver pilots for your organisation that are designed to rapidly add value to your business and cultivate an iterative build mindset. Once the business value of the pilot has been proven, our team will design, create and deploy production-ready solutions. 

Our experts

Norman Thurecht

Norman Thurecht



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Sudha Viswanathan

Sudha Viswanathan



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Paul Mulligan

Paul Mulligan

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Adam Irwin

Adam Irwin

Managing Partner


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