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Financial management

Strong financial management and a sound finance function are integral in driving the long term strategy and success of your business.
Finding financial strength and certainty

Your organisation’s finance function plays an integral role in driving the long term strategy and success of your business. Today, a finance function extends beyond traditional transactions and meeting compliance requirements. Data, technology and reporting processes offer a commercially orientated view of your financial activity and ultimately influence your business decision-making.

Our financial management experts can help you set up, review or redesign your finance function to ensure a prosperous future. We will help you gain a deeper understanding of your financial circumstances so you can make proactive changes to assure your long term business viability and safeguard against risks.

The benefits of engaging a financial management expert
  • Separate the business from the personal
  • Apply a forward-thinking, commercial lens to your current position
  • Make informed, pragmatic and commercial decisions
  • Minimise risks
  • Maximise tax efficiencies
How can we help?

Forward planning

Using three-way projections to gain a strong insight into the current drivers of the business, pinpoint opportunities and issues, and project the impact on cash-flow and the balance sheets.

Effective business processes

Providing timely, accurate and relevant financial information to improve efficiencies and make informed business decisions.

Long term outlook

Developing a holistic view of both business risks and performance, as well as the inevitable overlap between business affairs and personal affairs of the shareholders.

Our experts

Kieran Wallis

Kieran Wallis



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Adrian Clerici

Adrian Clerici



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Geoff Thompson

Geoff Thompson


Newcastle and Hunter

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Julie Strack

Julie Strack

Executive Director


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Raelene Berryman

Raelene Berryman



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