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Transport and logistics​

The transport and logistics sector is a critical part of domestic and international supply chains, with a range of stakeholders and challenges to manage.
Keeping the country moving

Australia’s transport and logistics sector encompasses road, rail and air freight. As a critical part of domestic and international supply chains, effectively managing margins, the chain of responsibility and competing stakeholder priorities is a demanding but rewarding task.

Beyond commercial considerations, transport and logistics companies must also address the industry’s dynamic regulatory landscape. Key regulatory considerations for operators include environmental impacts, health and safety, and road user charges. These companies also face significant issues in such areas as port access, increased competition, road and rail infrastructure connections, and the increased demarcation of public and private sectors.

Navigating a dynamic industry

Transport and logistics companies need the right accounting, taxation and business advisory to keep up with the dynamic nature of the industry. Whether your company is facing margin pressure, increasing regulatory burdens or competition from low-cost carriers, you need the expertise of advisors who deeply understand the sectorWe work with: 

  • Freight carriers
  • Logistics companies
  • Warehousing providers
  • Industry bodies

In a sector with tough competition and a continually evolving regulatory landscape, transport and logistics businesses need to address a range of challenges each day to realise opportunities and ensure strong and sustainable growth.


The transport and logistics sector has experienced significant disruption in recent years. Businesses in this sector must contend with growing competition from low-cost carriers, along with increased margin pressure if they do not have the economies of scale to provide lower rates.


Transport and logistics businesses that have established the right foundations and structures have a better chance of long term success and viability. These businesses have an opportunity to capitalise on the potential growth that can result from increased demand for particular products due to changing consumer preferences and economic conditions. Further, business in this sector can leverage the increased access to data to realise productivity gains throughout the supply chain, optimise strategy and operations, and source new customers.

Moving your organisation forward

With Pitcher Partners, you’ll have access to the expertise of a team that has worked with a range of businesses across the transport and logistics sector. Our extensive experience in the sector includes year end accounting, audit, business advisory, risk management, taxation advisory and business and systems improvement. You’ll also have access to a high-functioning network of individuals and organisations, including competitive committees, board members, financial services firms and investigative groups.

We provide a strong voice for our clients in this sector and advocate for tax and regulatory changes that impact our clients’ businesses, ensuring you have the support you need across your entire business.

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