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Annual tax compliance

Effective tax compliance involves much more than the preparation and lodgement of your annual income tax return.
Gain clarity over your compliance

Generally, every entity in Australia undertaking an activity with the intention of making profit is required to lodge an income tax return or equivalent notice with the ATO. While these lodgements are only required annuallythe best outcome cannot be achieved by the return preparation process alone. The most effective management of tax is regularly reviewed and attended to throughout the whole year.

Tax compliance involves the proper structuring of finances and a sound understanding of the tax implications of income and expenditure. It also requires thorough cash flow planning and consideration of profits and investment activities. Obtaining professional tax advice will not only help you manage your personal tax more efficiently and minimise tax costs, but it will also ensure that you are informed of the latest tax regulations and meet all your obligations.

A comprehensive approach

At Pitcher Partners, we provide comprehensive assessment, planning and advice to help you manage your tax compliance and minimise its impact on your wealth.

We also offer wealth managementwealth protection planning and investment advice for individuals seeking to develop a more robust plan for their financial future.

Your tax compliance obligations

There are a number of specific circumstances and considerations which may impact your tax compliance obligations, such as:

  • Australian citizenship 
  • Australian tax residency 
  • Non-residents earning income in Australia 
  • Income below tax-free threshold 
  • Tax withholding, such as PAYG
  • Refundable rebate or credit entitlements 
  • Superannuation contributions 
  • HELP debt 

Making compliance matters easy

Our tax compliance experts can help you navigate the complex taxation landscape and assist you with: 

  • Year-round advice on any transactions that may impact your tax outcome, such as asset acquisitions or change in circumstance
  • Income tax planning and advice
  • Assessing tax implications, including income, expenditure and superannuation contributions
  • Reviewing tax efficient opportunities, including relevant structuring advice and planning
  • Inheritance tax, estate and gift planning
  • Analysis of trust distribution and dividends
  • Year-end tax and PAYG instalments and estimations
The trusted name in personal tax

At Pitcher Partners, our trusted advisors have been helping individuals and families successfully address and meet all of their taxation compliance requirements for years. Our extensive experience in taxation management and planning, as well as our comprehensive knowledge of the industry’s complex rules and regulations will ensure absolute peace of mind when it comes to your financial matters.

We understand that everyone has a unique, and often multifaceted, financial situation, so we work closely with you to completely understand your circumstances, structures and obligations, and deliver clear solutions that are fully tailored to your needs.

Our experts

Andrew Beitz

Andrew Beitz

Principal Adelaide
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Peter Camenzuli

Partner Brisbane
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Ashley Davidson

Partner Melbourne
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Michael Minter

Managing Partner Newcastle and Hunter
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Julie Strack

Executive Director Perth
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Raelene Berryman

Partner Sydney
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