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Whether considering a franchise model or looking to improve systems and processes for an existing franchise, expert assistance can ensure your systems are robust, compliant and focused on growth.
Optimised for growth

Franchising is an effective business growth strategy, allowing you to forge strong relationships with like-minded business owners who share your vision for your product or service. A franchise allows businesses to achieve scale without a huge investment in resources. Often, time-poor middle market business owners look to franchising as a solution to grow in a cost-effective way.

However, those who choose to set up franchises typically report that they underestimated the time, complexity and challenges involved. Given that franchises have come under increased scrutiny in recent years for payroll and compliance issues, it is worthwhile to seek expert assistance in setting up your franchise and understanding your obligations.

Invest in a robust strategy

Effort must be invested in preparing your business for growth, establishing the appropriate franchise structure and determining the ideal order in which to develop and roll out your franchise strategy.

Once established, a successful franchising strategy ensures clear management of third parties to maintain product and service consistency, open lines of communication, maintenance of efficient systems and reviews of infrastructure and processes to maintain price competitiveness and achieve compliance.

Why franchise?

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Grow your business faster by accessing external capital
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Buying power

Improve your bottom line by securing better rates through strong buying power
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Efficient systems

Increase efficiencies with robust, replicable systems
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Increase sales by increasing the volume of customer services and products
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Improve brand loyalty and recognition by retaining key stakeholders
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Robust processes

Secure legacy and appeal to potential buyers with effective business processes

How can we help?

Strategic franchise planning

Development of a franchise transition plan, following a business and systems review, franchise readiness assessment and strategy containing key franchise features.

Franchise modelling

Determining the financial feasibility and optimal financial structure of your integrated franchisor-franchisee financial model through financial analysis of existing business, establishment costs, financial projections and scenario analysis.

Franchise development and governance

Establishment of commercial rules and regulations, compliance success factors, reporting framework and optimal corporate structure for tax and IP protection.

Franchisee recruitment

Development of a clear franchise recruitment strategy and best practice documentation.

Operations planning

Creation of robust operating procedures that encourage compliance and franchisee interaction, including operations manuals, implementation support, and scorecard and dashboard reporting.

Franchise optimisation

Health checks to review existing franchise infrastructure and systems, as well as systems review and selection, HR support, updating documentation and training.

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