Procurement and probity

An experienced probity practitioner can help you meet the challenge of achieving successful sourcing outcomes while complying with extensive complex regulatory guidelines.
Ensuring probity in procurement

Organisations operating within heavily regulated industries continually face tightening funding constraints and increased scrutiny by media and stakeholders. Consequently, these organisations must ensure their procurement and sourcing is exemplary with an effective probity process in place.

Procurement is becoming less tactical and more strategic with a focus on utilising each sourcing opportunity to optimise supply chains and deliver the best results. Procurement requires ongoing relationship management, agility to deploy different methods for different scenarios and careful mitigation of risk. Engaging with an experienced probity practitioner will help you meet the complex legislative requirements of procurement while achieving the most successful sourcing outcomes.

The benefits of engaging a probity practitioner

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Enable efficiency and effectiveness

Proven methodologies and approaches implemented by specialist resources to ensure procurement needs are met
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Access insights

Collaborative working environment encouraging knowledge-sharing and team upskilling
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Mitigate risks

Early identification and independent assessment of commercial, financial and probity risks leading to timely mitigating actions
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Protect your reputation

Market engagement and interactions are conducted in a professional and pragmatic manner facilitating process accountability, transparency and defensibility
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Preserve confidence

Conduct of equitable processes that preserve stakeholder confidence to support competitiveness and achievement of successful outcomes
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Advisory services

Offering advice and assistance relating to sourcing and supplier relationships, including such activities as:

  • Strategic policy review and reform development
  • Business case preparation, development and assessments, including procurement options analysis
  • Planning, management and contract execution of market engagements, including specialist advisory input
  • Financial evaluation and assessments, including options and pricing analysis
  • Commercial risk, pricing and contract and contractor performance management
  • Negotiation lead and commercial and financial negotiation SME support
  • Project governance and management
  • Probity and conduct advice
Audit and reviews

Conducting independent reviews and investigations to verify whether: 

  • Procurement process accords with best practice and organisational policies
  • Procurement and grants spend comply with objectives, contractual arrangements, performance regime and alliance commitments
  • Existing financial models are suitable
  • Probity requirements are adhered to throughout any process
Resources and policy development
  • Development of resources, policies and templates to help your organisation uphold appropriate standards of best practices

Development and delivery of training sessions for all levels of staff and board members covering:

  • Procurement best practice
  • Client-specific procurement policies and procedures
  • Probity and governance

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Andrew Faulkner

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Robyn Cooper

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Daniel Byrne

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Michael Minter

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Carl Millington

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