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Financial modelling

Robust financial modelling provides a clear, logical and reliable picture of business operations and drives informed decision-making.
A clear outlook

In an uncertain economic environment, businesses that have thoroughly planned for the year ahead have a significant advantage over their competitors, as well as the confidence that their financials are in order. Robust financial modelling provides a clear, logical and reliable picture of business operations, ensuring that the organisation is attuned to any potential risks or compliance obligations.

Today, businesses are keenly aware of government and stakeholder scrutiny. In particular, directors are faced with greater governance requirements and know that precise financial projections and smart investment decisions are essential. Financial modelling helps to drive informed, commercially orientated business decisions.

Building a robust financial model

Modelling, budgeting and reporting can be time-consuming, and the end result may be misjudged or fall short of the stringent requirements of management or banks. Particular processes such as tenders, negotiations, or business acquisitions also present their own unique set of challenges.

Pitcher Partners expert advisors can help businesses that lack the capacity to build their own financial model or need guidance to bolster their modelling capability, approach and process.

When to seek financial modelling advice

Corporate M&A and restructures

To support business sales or acquisitions including valuations  

Assessing investment opportunities

Feasibility studies and business cases  

Financing and capital raising

Raising equity or support in the application of finance 

Strategic planning and business reviews

Scenario or profitability analysis, pricing, feasibility studies and business cases     

Budgeting and forecasting

Budget, forecast and reporting models and processes  

Tender processes

To support the modelling of costs, price and returns 

Our financial modelling solutions

Pitcher Partners |

Model building

Developing comprehensive financial models to suit the unique circumstances of your business
Pitcher Partners |

Model reviews

Reviewing financial models to identify model errors and issues
Pitcher Partners |

Model support

Providing skilled financial modelling resources directly into client teams
Pitcher Partners |

Model governance

Helping businesses improve their modelling and decision processes
Pitcher Partners |

Support and training

Technical support and training for boards and senior management

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