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Braedan Smith-Connor

Meet Braedan Smith-Connor, an audit expert with an attitude to live life to the fullest. Braedan began his journey with Pitcher Partners Sydney as a graduate in 2021.

Cohort camaraderie and living life to the fullest

Braedan embarked on his journey from a cadet to a valued professional, starting his career with Pitcher Partners in 2021 and working his way up from there.

Armed with a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of International Studies, Braedan’s academic prowess laid the foundation for his career. In 2023, he achieved a significant milestone by completing his CA, showcasing his dedication to professional growth and excellence.

During his university years, Braedan demonstrated his resilience and determination by working in casual retail and hospitality roles while pursuing his studies. However, it was the inviting atmosphere of a mid-tier firm like Pitcher Partners that truly resonated with him. The close-knit teams and the sense of being more than just a number left a lasting impression on Braedan, who deeply appreciates the positive culture within the organisation.

When talking about the graduates and cadets in his cohort, Braedan says that years later “we’re all still good friends because we started knowing nothing together and have all helped each other out along the way.”

Now, having a few years of experience behind him, Braedan finds joy in coaching junior staff and relishes the team-building experiences during the BAA retreat each year, a testament to his belief in building meaningful relationships beyond the office walls.

Braedan also values the opportunity to engage with senior staff, including partners, not only on a work level but also on a personal level. He emphasises the importance of a good attitude, “everyone will take time to coach you no matter what role they are in but being willing to learn and apply it is very different to just showing up for work.”

With a willingness to learn and adapt, Braedan embraces working with a diverse range of clients at Pitcher Partners, defying his initial expectations. His thirst for knowledge and commitment to self-ownership has set the stage for his continued success within the firm. Through travels and experiences, including trips to Dubbo and Albury as a key member of the audit team, and leisurely holidays to Singapore and Darwin, Braedan continues to broaden his horizons, leaving an indelible mark in both his professional and personal pursuits.

Outside of work, Braedan enjoys going to the gym, watching sports, and spending time with friends, firmly believing in the importance of balancing work and personal commitments.

As he navigates a promising career path at Pitcher Partners, his positive attitude, dedication to growth, and passion for a balanced life set the tone for an exciting and fulfilling future in the world of accounting.


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