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Education and training​

The education and training sector is critical to the growth and development of people, industries and economies.
Knowledge is power

Australia’s education and training sector has an international reputation for excellence. As Australia’s third largest export, it plays a major role in the growth and sustainability of the country and is the core of Australia’s knowledge economy.

The sector is not without its challenges. Education bodies face pressure to deliver quality outcomes for increasingly demanding stakeholders and students amid a highly regulated and often politicised environment where funding can be constrained. As one of the world’s most popular destinations for international students, this sector is also vulnerable to the disruption of global events.

Fostering a bright future

All types of education and training institutions benefit from specialist advice to help them navigate strategic and operational complexities, including:

  • Independent schools and colleges
  • Public schools
  • Higher education institutions, including universities and TAFEs
  • Registered training organisations
  • Private teaching organisations
  • Local, state and national education bodies

The best education and training institutions look broadly for inspiration to remain relevant and viable, adopting best practice from corporates and innovative startups. As this dynamic sector undergoes continual evolution, the challenges and opportunities evolve alongside it.


In an environment increasingly exposed to risk, new regulations are necessary yet can be onerous to navigate. Meanwhile, demands for increasing transparency and accountability place the sector under the media spotlight and add additional pressure for boards and leadership teams. Funding also remains a complex challenge for this sector and institutions must balance organisational demands and student outcomes with financial stability and growth.


New insights from data and analytics help to implement business improvements at the strategic and organisational level. Similarly, the rise in and adoption of new technology has transformed how, when and where education is delivered. As teaching and learning have become intrinsically linked with ‘employability’, institutions in this sector must continually refine their pedagogy to suit these new objectives and embrace opportunities for industry partnerships and transformative real-world learning projects.

Your partner in education

Having worked with over 300 schools and colleges throughout Australia, as well as numerous local government bodies, Pitcher Partners has a deep understanding of the complexities involved in managing organisations in the education and training sector. Our team keeps abreast of the sector’s changing policy agendas and the foreseeable challenges that you may face, especially with regard to school funding and responsive business models.

We help ensure enduring value and sustainability in your operations. We prepare you for the present, alert you to opportunities and assist in identifying and mitigating potential risks. With a range of expertise including data analytics, procurement, and outsourced HR and CFO, Pitcher Partners offer a suite of services matched to your diverse needs.

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