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Personal superannuation

Get the most from your superannuation with expert advice that helps you capitalise on your super as a wealth creation tool and sets you up for a comfortable retirement.
A comfortable retirement

Effective superannuation management sets you up for a comfortable and financially secure retirement while enabling you to help other family members over time and plan for the transfer of wealth across generations. Yet, your superannuation can easily diminish due to escalating administration fees, poor performing markets or economic uncertainty.

If you’re seeking greater control over the funds you save for retirement, self-managed super funds can help you maximise your personal wealth and secure an effective income stream for your later years. Our experienced advisors can help you structure your super to achieve the best possible tax and financial outcomes while remaining compliant with complex superannuation laws.

The value of expert super advice
  • Maximise access to superannuation tax concessions
  • Minimise tax risks and the negative impacts of higher fees
  • Use small business CGT concessions in superannuation planning
  • Maintain consistency and integration with broader estate plans
  • Implement complex transactions in compliance with legal requirements
  • Protect your assets using a superannuation structure
Who can benefit from super advice?
  • High net worth individuals with larger existing superannuation assets
  • High net worth individuals with discretionary spending capacity
  • Individuals who undertake complex transactions capable of being structured in whole or part through a super fund, including as business startups, property development and joint investments
  • Smaller professional firms seeking expert advice to enhance their in-house capability
How can we help?
Self managed superannuation funds (SMSF)

Our advisors will guide you through the entire SMSF process, covering:

  • Establishment and structuring of your self-managed funds
  • Maintenance of accounting records and tax history of investments
  • Management of quarterly taxation obligations
  • Annual audits
  • Fund compliance
  • Advice on permitted investments and appropriate funding levels
  • Assistance with the taxation of funds before and after retirement
  • Assistance with ATO reviews and audits
Retirement and estate planning

Your optimum retirement plan addresses personal, family and estate planning goals. Whether you have a SMSF or other super fund, our advisors can assist with:

  • Incorporating superannuation into your estate plan
  • Development of the estate plan with your legal counsel
  • Taxation of funds, pensions and lump sum benefits
  • Management of tax cost benefits to you and your family
Pension administration

When planning for retirement, it is important to identify the most appropriate mix of pre and post retirement benefits to draw from your superannuation funds to meet your individual needs.

Our experienced advisors have an in-depth knowledge of different styles of pensions and can pay pensions where requiredThe administration skills we have developed in this specialist area of superannuation services ensures our clients are confident their personal needs and trustee obligations are equally met.

Family law

Our knowledge of superannuation funds along with our in-depth understanding of superannuation legislation allows us to assist separating parties and their lawyers in dealing with superannuation aspects of Family Law settlements. We can assist with:

  • Interpretation of SIS and Family Law obligations
  • ‘Flagging’ and ‘splitting’ processes
  • Valuations of member entitlements in self-managed funds
  • Calculation of benefit split amounts
  • Drafting prenuptial and financial agreements

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