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Deal transactions

Helping businesses to effectively manage the impact of tax on transactions, such as divestments, mergers and acquisitions.
A fair deal

When considering a milestone business transaction, such as divestment, merger or acquisition, it is crucial to ascertain the taxation implications from the outset so you can effectively manage the impact of tax on the deal, as well as any strategic, operational and personal consequences.

In such transactions, purchasers typically want to identify the latent tax risks or liabilities and inherited tax attributes, while also confirming that the acquisition is structured appropriately and aligns with their commercial imperatives. Sellers must provide these details and assurances to ensure the overall sale proceeds smoothly. If both parties are looking to work together post-acquisition, then sale consideration and remuneration structures may be designed in a tax-efficient manner to achieve the commercial and legal objectives of both parties.

Navigating the complexities of tax

Australia’s taxation landscape is becoming increasingly complex, with various laws, regulations and implications to be considered when undertaking any business transaction.

Leveraging the expertise of a taxation specialist will help you to ensure your transaction is compliant with both state and federal taxation laws while mitigating any risks upfront. Accessing professional tax advice can also be a critical factor in achieving a successful deal for all parties.

Transaction tax made easy

Our experienced transactions tax team can assist with: 

  • Buyer and vendor tax due diligence
  • Proposed sale and acquisition structures
  • Strategies for management of tax risks and tax attributes
  • Advice on the optimal form and substance of sale proceeds with regard to commercial objectives
  • Liaison with other advisers to ensure appropriate management of tax considerations relevant to legal and accounting matters, including sale documentation and transaction completion mechanics
  • Engagement with the ATO and other tax authorities

Trust the taxation experts

Pitcher Partners team of tax professionals draw on their extensive experience across a range of well-known public transactions, and numerous, more discrete, private transactions to develop astute solutions that are both tax-efficient and practical.

Our taxation experts have a broad range of experience covering all Federal, State and Territorial taxes. We have cultivated strong relationships with key principals at the ATO, Treasury and State Revenue Offices, having worked with these departments both directly and in reviewing and commenting on confidential releases of draft taxation legislation and other specific tax legislation issues.

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