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International tax

It is essential for businesses to understand the tax and compliance obligations associated with their international operations and cross-border activities.
Confidence in cross-border compliance

Tax is an important and increasingly complex part of international business operations. It has also been a core focus area for Australian and overseas governments and revenue authorities following the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.

Given the material risks in this space, it is essential that businesses understand the tax and compliance obligations associated with their cross-border activities and are well prepared to explain their position to revenue authorities if called upon to do so.

A global network of experts

Pitcher Partners international tax specialists can help businesses navigate these challenges with confidence. Not only do we have a deep knowledge of the Australian taxation landscape, but we also understand the way in which Australia’s international tax rules interact with international tax rules.

We have developed personal relationships with advisors throughout the world, particularly within our Baker Tilly International network, to help our clients expand into new markets seamlessly.

When can you benefit from international tax advice?
Expanding into a new overseas market

Assistance with the establishment of a business in a new market, including appropriate structuring advice, setting up the relevant entities, opening local bank accounts, compliance registrations and lodgements, and transfer pricing policy and documentation. 

Overseas business setting up in Australia

Assistance with the establishment of a business in Australia, including appropriate structuring advice, setting up the local entity, opening an Australian bank account, appointing directors and public officer, undertaking compliance registrations and lodgements, and preparation of transfer pricing policy and documentation.

Established business with cross-border activities

Guidance and assistance to gauge the appropriateness of the structuring and the extent to which tax and compliance obligations have been properly complied with 

Revenue authority reviews

Assistance with engaging with revenue authorities in Australia and overseas, including advocating and making appropriate disclosures on your behalf, which may help with a reduction in penalties and interest charges.

Moving employees between jurisdictions

Assistance with expatriate tax matters for your employees, including tax planning, tax compliance, entry and exit interview, and tax equalisation policies and calculations.

Changes to business

Advice on risk areas and opportunities if your business is changing its management, control, structure, shareholding or jurisdiction.

How can we help?

Pitcher Partners has an experienced tax team that can assist with:

  • Expert and specific international tax advice
  • Implementation and ongoing maintenance of cross-border structure 
  • Liaison with revenue authorities for voluntary disclosures, assurance reviews and governance reviews 
  • Management of dispute resolution process with revenue authorities in Australia and overseas 
  • Preparation and implementation of transfer pricing policies, including transfer pricing documentation
  • Preparation of tax governance documentation
  • Introductions to key people in overseas jurisdictions who can help with tax, accounting, legal and other commercial matters
  • Training for staff on relevant international tax rules for your business
The tax efficiency experts

Our international tax team draws on their combined knowledge across many industries and countries to provide practical solutions for groups to operate across multiple jurisdictions. We always look for opportunities for our clients to structure their transactions and businesses in the most commercially feasible but tax-efficient manner, and to translate our advice into real growth opportunities.

Many members of our team sit on industryprofessional and government consultative bodies, placing them at the forefront of international tax development and the tax consultation process with government and revenue authorities.

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