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Digital solutions

Organisations must continuously review and improve their digital technology for the growth and resilience of their business.
The power of digital

It can be challenging to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. Seeking expert support can help you review, improve, choose and implement new systems that align with your goals, grow your business and protect your IP and data. 

Digital business operations

With strategy at the core of everything we do, our team helps you work through people, process and technology challenges to deliver the right digital solution for your organisation. As experts in internal digital operations, we’ll make sure you’ve got the right systems, processes and vendors in place to meet your business goals.  

Common solutions for our clients

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Project delivery

Delivering projects to budget and timeline
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Project governance

Establishing an effective project governance
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Data management

Capturing and managing the business requirements and data
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Resource augmentation

Establishing project teams and capability extension through resource augmentation
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Delivering complex coordinations

Delivering complex coordination of vendor services (e.g. intergrations)
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User adoption

Helping adoption of new solutions and processes by end users

Here’s how we can help


Digital review and strategic planning 

Effective digital strategy and planning will set your project up for success. Our team of experts works with you to review and identify opportunities for your digital operations and create informed strategies and business cases to move forward. This produces a clear vision of outcomes, risks, and benefits, and leads to a successful project plan and business case to meet your organisational objectives. 


Project management 

It’s essential for your digital changes to meet your project goals while mitigating risk. We work with you to make sure you project is implemented with the attention to detail it deserves, plus ensure your governance methodologies and vendor management is taken care of. We also offer ongoing managed and outsourced services 


Technology procurement 

Choosing the best systems for your organisation is a complicated task. We work with you to develop evaluation frameworks, select vendors and manage probity to handle all the risks of implementing new technology.  


Implementation and change management 

Implementing your project and supporting your people through change is a specialist skill which sets your project up for success. We work with you to engage your people throughout the implementation and change process with effective communication and training. 


Risk management 

Complex digital projects inherently come with various risks, including reputation. We work with you to manage your digital and IT project risks at every stage of the project, including cybersecurity 

Your partners in digital solutions

Our experts work with you to ensure your digital initiatives align with the organisations goals and deliver business value. We conduct reviews and technology health checks within your organisation while working collaboratively with you. Our in-depth digital experience is backed by system selection frameworks and leading project methodologies. We will help you achieve your business outcomes while remaining independent, focused and accessible in the advice and services we provide. 

Our experts

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Andrew Beitz



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Scott Edden


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Adam Irwin

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