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Patricia Cattolico

Meet Trish Cattolico, a graduate in Pitcher Partners Tax Advisory team and former pastry chef, Trish discovered her love of numbers and accounting when she completed bookkeeping for her small business.

Former pastry chef and lover of numbers and research 

A graduate in Pitcher Partners Tax Advisory team and former pastry chef, Trish discovered her love of numbers and accounting when she completed bookkeeping for her small business.

Turning a passion project of baking cakes for friends and family into a burgeoning small business, former-pastry chef Trish discovered that she loved numbers and accounting even more when she would work to understand and review the financials for her business. This inspired her career change into accounting. 

Trish initially completed a certificate in bookkeeping and continued on to do a diploma in accounting. After enjoying and excelling in earning both qualifications, she completed a bachelor’s degree, majoring in accounting.  

After she completed her studies, Trish came across Pitcher Partners’ graduate program on an Australian graduate careers website. The prospect of a program where she got to experience working in three different practice areas each for eight months intrigued her, especially because she was unsure about what area of accounting she wanted to build her career in.  

Trish enjoyed learning about tax in her studies but also enjoyed insolvency too. Since commencing the graduate program, she has worked in the Private Business and Family Advisory and Tax Advisory teams. The combination of research, legal analysis and accounting makes the technical aspect of Trish’s work in Tax Advisory enjoyable. 

“I’ll check my emails in the morning and then do a whole heap of stuff,” says Trish. 

“I have a lot of research work where I’m finding legal cases that may assist our clients. Other times, I’m actually doing accounting work, so more numbers.” 

Beyond the versatility of her work in the Tax Advisory team, Trish enjoys working in a supportive culture too. One example includes the fortnightly catch-up she has with her manager. This commitment to connection gives Trish opportunities to learn and security in knowing the firm’s words and actions align. 

“Sometimes you go on a company’s website, and you read that they’re a people-focused company, and you think, yes, sure, that sounds nice,” reflects Trish. 

“I feel like the biggest difference here is that they actually mean what they say, whereas in other companies, you could get told things, and it doesn’t actually eventuate into anything. I feel like everyone’s always honest and transparent about everything, which I think is super important.”  

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Trish has enjoyed the hands-on experience and direct interaction with clients and the firm’s senior leaders since she started in the graduate program.  

Trish remarks that one of her proudest moments so far has been rising to the challenge of working directly with clients and senior Pitcher Partners people from the beginning. 

“There was a client that I worked with for three months. It was me working with the Client Director and a client who had 90 entities, which was very unusual,” she says. 

“I was proud that I was able to maintain communication with the client and Client Director throughout the whole time.” 

Always open to growing, when asked what her three biggest learnings are so far, Trish says, “To be better organised with time management, don’t be afraid to communicate with someone senior, and that you will probably expect that you can do something faster than you can.” 

A hard worker and fast learner, Trish is looking forward to moving to her next experience as part of the graduate program and continuing to establish her career. No doubt she has a bright future ahead. 

Applications are now open for the Pitcher Partners Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney student programs. Find out more here.  

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