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Debt recovery and investigations

Expert assistance to address and investigate financial fraud, recover funds owed to you and review or replace liquidators or bankruptcy trustees.
Overcoming fraud and insolvency

Are you owed money? Has your debtor stopped responding to your calls or mislead you regarding payment? Unfortunately, there may come a time when you or your business face an insolvency situation. Whether it’s a problem debtor, an evasive supplier or one of your client’s companies, seeking expert assistance will help you determine the best course of action and recover the money that is owed to you.

Similarly, if you find yourself a victim of financial fraud, you need a professional investigative team to conduct a thorough examination of all the facts. If your money has disappeared, the debtor has appointed a liquidator or bankruptcy trustee who is unwilling to investigate, or the debtor has phoenixed their assets into a new entity, our insolvency specialists are here to help recover funds and achieve an effective outcome.

Fighting fraud is crucial

Even in situations where recovery might seem difficult or impossible, it is moral imperative that cases of financial fraud, misconduct or criminal behaviour are called out and acted upon. Our complex investigations team can detect any signs of financial wrongdoing, trace assets and employ a number of statutory powers and investigative tools to uncover the truth.

The value of engaging an insolvency expert

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Formal insolvency appointments

We can act as your preferred liquidator, trustee or receiver over debtors who owe money to you or your clients. We will not need any upfront payment to take on insolvency appointments.
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Fraud or misconduct investigations

We advise on addressing financial fraud, asset tracing and investigation into phoenix operations
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Liquidator or bankruptcy trustee reviews

We conduct reviews of another liquidator or bankruptcy trustee’s work and assist in the replacement of a dissatisfactory liquidator or bankruptcy trustee
Expert support through challenging times

Our specialists work to swiftly identify the true state of your situation, then formulate options to move forward by maximising returns and minimising risks and losses. Our solutions include:

  • Formal appointments, including court liquidations, voluntary administrations, bankruptcy and receiverships
  • Forensic investigations
  • Asset tracing
  • Cross border investigations asset recoveries in overseas jurisdictions
  • Public examinations
  • Investigating phoenix operations and facilitators
  • Replacing liquidators and bankruptcy trustees 
  • Search warrants
  • Prosecution support

A renowned investigatory team

Pitcher Partners is a leader in corporate restructuring and business recovery and insolvency, and is respected by the ATO, ASIC and the business community. We are renowned investigators and have a reputation for leaving no stone unturned. We have a proven track record of recovering money and assets where none were initially thought to exist.

As commerciallyminded insolvency specialists, we strive to deliver concrete outcomes for creditors and key stakeholders. Our team has deep technical expertise in complex investigations in Australia and in overseas tax havens. Through the Baker Tilly International network, our reach extends globally.

Our experts work on spec without upfront fees to conduct investigations and public examinationsOur services are supported by a trusted network of lawyers, barristers, private investigators, IT investigators, surveillance personnel and regulators including ASIC, ATO and AFSA.

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