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Professional services

Professional services firms in the legal, accounting and consulting sectors are continually seeking new ways to improve productivity and accountability, embrace innovation and lead on the global stage.
The foundations for future success

Across the professional services sector, firms need to manage dynamic ownership structures, partnership structures and increasing competition. Whether it’s a law firm looking to improve their cash flow or a management consulting firm that needs structuring advice, establishing the right foundations now is vital for future success and longevity.

As the world continues to use technological innovation to realise efficiencies, professional services firms have the opportunity to focus on core, high-value offerings while capitalising on technology to automate and streamline operations and services. Professional services firms across all sectors recognise the opportunity these innovations are creating to increase profit, foster better employee engagement and make workflows more efficient.

Meeting your strategic and operational needs

Whether your professional services firm needs strategic commercial advice or ongoing support through outsourcing functions, our trusted advisors can help you manage your unique objectives while you focus on growing your business and providing exceptional client service. We work with:  

  • Law firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Other professional services firms

Professional services firms in all sectors are pivoting to meet the changing needs of different industries around the world. While these changes can bring about new challenges and risks, they can also provide an array of positive opportunities to grow and maximise business.


Current challenges across the professional services sector include balancing work-life harmony with client needs and profitability, the competitive landscape for firms of all sizes, effectively recording and billing work, and introducing scaled business development initiatives, such as digital marketing.


Key opportunities for professional services firms include the use of technology to automate service delivery and increase productivity, adapting offerings in line with industry trends and providing the infrastructure for teams to work flexibly and effectively, no matter where they are based. At a strategic level, it is critical to ensure partnership models and finances are structured in a way that meets the organisation’s needs now and into the future while balancing risk.

Your professional partner

Pitcher Partners has worked with professional services firms across a range of sectors. Our experienced advisors not only have the technical knowledge to make sure your firm is productive at a strategic and operational level but they also understand the varied needs and challenges that may arise throughout all stages of business maturity.

We also provide professional support to a broad network of lawyers and other leaders from professional services firms through events, surveys and benchmarking studies. These activities keep us abreast of major issues facing professional services firms, so our advice is always current, deeply relevant and proactively identifies potential risks and opportunities for your firm.

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