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Financial services

The financial services industry continues to evolve rapidly in response to the changing regulatory landscape, globalised economy and shifting consumer needs.
Adapting to constant evolution

Australia’s financial services sector faces continual evolution as the world economy becomes more interconnected. Influenced by many of the regulatory and systemic foundations of the United Kingdom’s banking and financial services systems, the financial services sector in Australia is underpinned by robust legal frameworks.

In recent years, Australia’s ageing population, rising property prices, growing superannuation pool and the digitisation of financial services have changed how firms engage with and serve their clients. The changing political and regulatory landscape is also creating new challenges and opportunities for financial services professionals, as well as retail, wholesale and institutional investors.

Serving the financial services sector

Financial services professionals need advice on a range of matters. We have a deep understanding of all facets of the financial services industry, along with a prudent approach to navigating its complexities. We work with many businesses across the financial services sector, including:

  • Wealth management firms
  • Superannuation funds
  • Alternative investment funds
  • Private equity firms

As the financial services industry continues to evolve, firms in the sector must continually respond to new challenges and embrace new opportunities.


Technological innovation, big data and the changing regulatory environment has resulted in opportunities for new entrants to serve a broader range of customers. Other key innovations and opportunities in the sector include financialisation across borders, growing wealth and the digitisation of financial services and products. Australia’s growing superannuation investment pool and residential property are also key drivers of opportunity as a significant proportion of Australia’s wealth is held in these assets.


Increasing compliance costs are placing pressure on margins, making the use of technology and other solutions to increase efficiencies increasingly important. Further, growing competition from alternative finance providers is making client retention more critical than ever. As people’s financial needs and preferences continue to change, the complexity of our globalised world also makes effective portfolio construction and balancing risk an ongoing challenge.

A trusted business partner

Financial services firms need reliable advisors to help them manage risk, better serve their clients and ensure robust long term foundations, no matter how the broader economy is performing. With Pitcher Partners, you’ll have access to the expertise of a team that works with over 150 registered managed investment schemes, wholesale funds and fund managers, and a range of financial services firms.

Our prudent approach to analysing your current operations and helping you realise your business goals ensures your firm has the support it needs to grow and thrive. As a strong voice for our clients in the financial sector, we advocate for tax and regulatory changes that impact our clients’ businesses.

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