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Arts, recreation and sport

The arts, recreation and sports industry plays an important role in contributing to health, wellbeing and economic productivity across the country.
Enriching the lives of Australians

The arts, recreation and sport sector enriches the lives of Australians in many ways, providing people with opportunities to get active or enjoy the creativity of various art forms. From a sporting club ensuring it has strong engagement with its members and the community to an arts centre looking to improve profitability, it’s vital for these organisations to have the right foundations in place for commercial longevity.

Organisations in this industry must balance a range of demands, such as brand and sponsorship opportunities and positive community engagement and outcomes. For long term profitability and commercial stability, these organisations need to understand how to effectively address challenges and success factors.

Meeting your strategic and operational needs

Whether your organisation needs strategic commercial advice or ongoing support through outsourcing specific functions, such as an outsourced financial controller, our experienced advisors can help. We work with a range of organisations in this sector, including:

  • Sporting bodies
  • Membership-based organisations
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Government owned organisations
  • Entities arts organisations

Organisations in the arts, recreation and sport sector must adapt to the dynamic nature of communities, regulatory changes and funding challenges. The organisations that adapt quickly can capitalise on new trends and turn challenges into opportunities.


Key opportunities for the sector include the use of technology to improve customer experiences and engage with communities, adapting offerings in line with industry and community trends and providing the infrastructure to engage stakeholders across several locations. At a strategic level, it is critical to balance the dynamics of governance and structuring an organisation’s funding in a way that meets its needs now and into the future, while managing risk.


Key challenges across the sector include access to funding, balancing customer experiences and community engagement with profitability, competing for grants and other funding opportunities, building strong relationships across the community and introducing scaled business development initiatives, such as digital marketing.

Setting the stage for long term success

Regardless of when your organisation was established or the unique challenges it faces, engaging with a trusted partner will help you set the stage for success now and into the future. With Pitcher Partners, you’ll gain access to the expertise of professionals that help organisations navigate the complexities of governance, funding and balancing profitability and community engagement.

We have a strong understanding of how different entities interact with you as an arts, recreation or sporting organisation. Our advisors not only have the technical knowledge to make sure your organisation is productive at a strategic and operational level but they also understand the industry’s unique challenges.

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