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Melbourne student careers

In a full-service professional services firm such as Pitcher Partners Melbourne, you can experience a diverse range of career pathways when you join one of our student programs.
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Student programs enable you to experience the diverse range of career pathways that can only be found in a leading professional services firm that specialises in accounting and business advisory. From well-known international brands and family run businesses to government and not-for-profit organisations, we offer access to a wide variety of middle market businesses. Get hands-on with real projects and real clients, and benefit from regular interaction with partners and senior managers.

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A program for every stage

Vacation program

  • For students in their penultimate year of university
  • The program runs between November and February
  • Vacationers work full time over the period
  • Positions are available in a wide variety of practice areas
  • This is a pathway progression to our internship program
Applications are now closed

Internship program

  • For students in their penultimate year of university
  • Interns work in conjunction with their university studies
  • The program runs between February and December
  • This is a pathway progression from our vacation program
  • May also be accessible via university internship and co-operative programs
Applications are now closed

Graduate experience program

  • For students who have completed university within the last two years
  • Two year, full-time graduate experience program
  • Graduates undertake three seperate eight-month experiences across the firm
  • Positions are available across all of our practice areas
  • Graduates are provided a structured learning and development program
Applications are now closed
Experience all our firm has to offer

During our two-year program, graduates will gain valuable experience and insight completing three distinct eight-month experiences across the firm.

Spending time in three practice groups will provide graduates with:

  • Experience in the breadth of all we offer our clients
  • Greater opportunity to grow their skills and knowledge
  • The chance to build relationships with more people across the firm
  • Exposure to all our firm has to offer
Investing in your career journey

Our graduate program is designed to provide the foundations you need for a successful career with a leading professional services firm that specialises in accounting and business advisory. Not only will you gain a breadth of experience working across different practice areas, but you’ll get an understanding of where you’d like to focus your efforts on deepening your technical expertise as your career progresses.

An experience like no other

Our industry leading program will offer graduates:

  • Tailored technical learning for each experience and firm specific programs
  • Ongoing professional and personal development to help along their experiences
  • Unique buddy and mentor support system
  • Exposure to a variety of commercial concepts and clients
  • Networking opportunities
  • Clear career progression pathways
Be inspired to learn and grow every day

We empower our people to specialise in the accounting and business advisory services that they find most interesting. Pitcher Partners works with many private and family-owned business across Australia. The owners of these businesses are inspired and invested in the future of their companies and people. You’ll have the opportunity to become part of the teams that help these businesses strengthen and grow every day. This opportunity is a core part of our culture and sets a clear path to leadership where you’ll be inspired and challenged to continue learning every day.

Our practice areas
Tax Advisory

Pitcher Partners team of experienced professionals manage a range of taxation issues. As legislative experts with longstanding institutional relationships with the ATO, we advocate for effective tax legislation that benefits middle market businesses and organisations. 

Our tax consultants advise on income taxes, capital gains taxes, international taxes, transaction taxes and employment taxes, all in the context of structuring transactions and organisations to legitimately minimise their taxation liability.

Business Advisory and Assurance

Pitchers Partners enables middle market businesses to navigate the complexities of their industries and the wider market by identifying opportunities and risks and recommending solutions. By applying a risk-based audit and review methodology, a thorough understanding of the challenges facing a business is achieved, pinpointing areas where they need expert support, advice and action. 

Assurance engagements can include assisting with the preparation of monthly management accounts, year end reporting, income tax returns and activity statements. We also offer general advice to enable boards of directors, audit committees and business owners to make informed business decisions and bring clarity to day-to-day operations.

Corporate Finance

Corporate transactions are part of the progress towards a goal – be it growth, higher profitability, improved market share or competitive advantage. Pitcher Partners has extensive experience providing independent, well-informed advice to public and private sector clients at board level on business transactions and the valuation of business assets. 

Work in this team is focused on assisting business owners in the process of structuring a merger or acquisition transaction, carrying out the due diligence and valuation of business assets for sale by a business owner, or calculating the commercial value of shares or intangible assets.

Private Business and Family Advisory

Private Business and Family Advisory team members work predominantly with privately run businesses, including family businesses, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. Large and small businesses have the comfort of retaining control and decision-making power, knowing that all day-to-day administration and monitoring is being undertaken by a dedicated professional and experienced team.

Team members specialise in monthly and quarterly reporting assistance, annual compliance, preparation of management accounting, financial statements, income tax returns and business activity statements. Additional services are offered in forecasting, budgeting, superannuation and investment holding structuring.

Business Recovery and Insolvency Services

Whether a business is undergoing cessation, liquidation or bankruptcy, Pitcher Partners Business Recovery and Insolvency Services (BRIS) professionals achieve maximum recovery levels and strengthen businesses well into the future. Team members deal in a professional and sensitive manner with various stakeholders, often in an aggrieved state. 

Activities in the BRIS team can involve collecting records from the insolvent for analysis, preparing and reviewing detailed correspondence and statutory forms, liaising with legal representatives, attending court hearings, securing assets and negotiating with stakeholders.

Risk Services

The Risk Services team assess the activities and risks facing businesses and make recommendations for their improvement. The team aims to reveal the untapped potential of businesses and support their continuous improvement. 

Work can include enterprise risk management, internal audit, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, advanced data mining and specialised information technology security assurance. Risk Services experts also support their colleagues in Audit and Assurance through a broad range of risk management services.

Investment Services

Investors rely on insightful yet practical recommendations to make the best financial decisions and achieve their goals. Investment Services professionals provide financial advice to business owners, executives and affluent individuals and families who are looking to build, grow, protect and manage their wealth. 

Work undertaken is varied and can include strategic wealth management advice, investment planning and strategic asset allocation, investment portfolio management, tax minimisation strategies, retirement and estate planning and personal and business succession insurance.


Organisations rely on the expertise of consultants to tailor insightful and practical solutions that help them navigate choices, challenge, change and disruption. 

Consulting services offer varied and rewarding career paths. Using agile, innovative thinking to deliver commercially relevant strategic planning, the team helps middle market businesses and government bodies navigate feasibility studies, viability studies, contract negotiations, financial analysis and modelling, tailored IT solutions and organisational reviews.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics professionals specialise in the delivery of evidence-based insights that help organisations improve customer experience, streamline operations, improve the effectiveness of distribution channels, reduce risks and increase profitability. 

Work in this team appeals to those who are interested in developing skills in data mining, modelling and extracting value from data. With data becoming increasingly invaluable to running a successful organisation, our client base is broad and spans a range of sectors. 

Practice Management Group
he Practice Management Group is a team of highly skilled professionals who offer a range of internal services to Pitcher Partners people. The focus of this function is on ensuring all staff have the necessary infrastructure and support to operate efficiently in the delivery of services to our clients.
PMG includes Client Experience, People Experience, Finance, IT Services, Risk and Compliance.

Student careers recruitment process


Submit your online application

Complete an online application covering your work experience, leadership and team experience, extra-curricular activities, academic results, eligibility to work and more.

Undertake online assessment

This timed interactive online assessment is designed to determine your fit with Pitcher Partners, while providing you with insight into the firm’s culture and values. The assessment includes multiple-choice and free-text responses.

Participate in a phone interview

An early-careers representative will call you to discuss your application in further detail.

Join an interactive assessment session

Successful candidates are invited to a short interactive assessment session, group activity and individual interview. There will also be an opportunity to network and meet Pitcher Partners people

Be allocated to a practice group

Successful candidates will be provisionally matched with the Pitcher Partners practice group that best suits their skills, experience and aspiration

Undertake an individual interview

Representatives of the practice group you have been progressed with, will meet you to take you through a behavioural-based interview.

Receive an offer

Successful applicants will be notified if and when they qualify to join a student career’s program. Those candidates who were unsuccessful will also be contacted at this time.
Graduate experience program details
How are an individuals three experiences assigned for the graduate experience program?

Each experience will be allocated by taking into account your interests and areas you would like to explore and alignment with what you have studied, combined with the business needs.

Will I stay with the same group of people throughout the three experiences of the graduate experience program?

In order to allow you to gain breadth and depth of experience, along with meeting and building relationships with your fellow Graduates and colleagues; groups will be mixed throughout the three experiences.

Do I get to choose where I am placed at the end of the graduate experience program?

We want to ensure you are placed in role that aligns and nurtures your ongoing career progression. Throughout the program your dedicated Graduate Program Manager will be with you every step of the way to understand your interests and experiences.  This will be aligned with our business needs in determining where you’ll be placed at the end of the program.

Is the graduate experience program a permanent opportunity?

Yes, the program is for two years, and your employment at Pitcher Partners is ongoing at the conclusion of the program.

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