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Property and construction​

The property and construction industry makes a significant contribution to Australia’s economy, building a solid foundation for long term success.
Building a strong future

Australia’s property and construction sector includes many successful family-owned and private businesses. These businesses deal with a myriad of complexities every day, from navigating industrial relations frameworks and meeting super obligations to delivering projects on time and ensuring profitability.

Whether you need help remaining up to date on property tax laws, establishing the right legal structures, securing project funding or responding to rapid economic changes, our experienced advisors understand the challenges you face as a business in the property and construction industry. If your organisation is operating nationally or you have ambitions to expand overseas, it’s crucial to seek specialist advice on a range of issues from legal structuring to transfer pricing.

The right advice for your business

We work with a range of family and privately-owned businesses across the property and construction sector, including:

  • Owners
  • Builders and developers
  • Investors
  • Valuers
  • Agents

In a constantly evolving industry, property and construction businesses must address ongoing challenges while capitalising on new opportunities to remain competitive and ensure long term success.


The property and construction sector faces a range of challenges, often driven by the performance of the economy and regulatory change. Some of the key challenges include changes in lending conditions, updates to stamp duty legislation, meeting the financial and contractual obligations for project completion and understanding the right financing structure for projects.


Key opportunities for businesses in the property and construction sector include access to alternative funding sources, demand for new developments and dwelling types as a result of demographic changes, and the integration of technology into new buildings. Further, globalisation and the increasing ease of doing business across borders is providing valuable opportunities for property and construction businesses to expand into overseas markets.

The building blocks for your success

Pitcher Partners works with a wide range of privately owned, public and government organisations across the property and construction sector. With our personal yet commercial approach, you will receive the highest level of technical standards and knowledge, matched with an in-depth understanding of your unique challenges.

Within this rapidly changing and diverse industry, your business can benefit from the expertise of a team with a reputation for integrity, business excellence and a long term commitment to delivering the best outcomes across engagements.

Our experts

Andrew Beitz

Andrew Beitz

Principal Adelaide
Nigel Fischer

Nigel Fischer

Managing Partner Brisbane
Andrew Clugston

Andrew Clugston

Partner Melbourne
Peter Lawrence

Peter Lawrence

Partner Newcastle and Hunter
Leon Mok

Leon Mok

Managing Director Perth
Brendan Jones

Brendan Jones

Partner Sydney
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