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The automotive industry makes a significant contribution to Australia’s economy, but the pressure has never been greater on compliance, efficiencies and profitability.
An evolving landscape

The motor industry sector has increased mobility, comfort and safety within Australia and contributed to both job creation and skill development. Beyond providing a quality means of transportation, successful automotive businesses must ensure they are prepared for the complex and dynamic environment of the industry, as well as leverage opportunities to provide sound commercial solutions.

Our motor industry experts understand the need to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and plan for the future – and with the right advice, you can remain ahead of the competition.

Optimising opportunities for efficiency

We leverage our experience and understanding of the motor industry to provide valuable advice and services across all automotive businesses, including:

  • Retail motor dealerships
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Financiers
  • Insurance providers
  • IT providers

Businesses within the automotive sector benefit from keeping up with the everchanging dynamic of consumer needs and remaining competitive by facing the ongoing challenges for long term success.  


Automotive businesses that focus on developing systems to maximise profit can capitalise on the potential growth. Our specialist services can provide ideas relating to improving business systems and processesutilising profit opportunities and tax minimisation strategiesIn order to keep your financial network running smoothly, it is crucial to re-evaluate your internal controls and develop strategies to protect your profits.

Helping make informed strategic decisions

With a unique and personal approach, we work with our automotive clients to understand their long-term goals and objectives, providing personalised solutions and advice.

By combining commercial insight with technical expertise, we improve our client’s financial position and help generational leaders develop the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

Our extensive experience in this sector includes audit and assurance, business improvement solutions, tax advice, operational and financial training and profit enhancement services.

We are advocates for changes to tax and regulatory legislation that impact our automotive clients, to ensure that they have a stronger voice for change.

Our experts

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