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Chamara Liyanaarachchi

Meet Chamara Liyanaarachchi, a sports fanatic and data whiz who is taking part in the Pitcher Partners Melbourne graduate program.

Sports fanatic and data whiz 

Graduating university with a double degree in mechatronics engineering and finance, Chamara was passionate about robotics, finance and launching his professional career. His journey began in 2019 when he completed the Vacationer Program with Pitcher Partners Melbourne.  

Although he was unsure where his double degree would take him, Chamara reflects that the experience he had during his time as a vacationer was one of the main reasons that motivated his return to the firm in March 2021.

A particular highlight for him was the firm’s people and inviting culture, not just the working culture but the culture outside of work, and how that allowed him to sustain a good work life balance.  

Chamara says that he has been well supported by both teams he has worked in directly as well as the wider firm. 

“They never expect you to “just know” anything,” he explains. “If there’s anything you need to ask, you’re encouraged to do that. Everyone is willing to help you, everyone is understanding and takes their time, which is particularly important for both graduates and vacationers.”  

Having had experiences in two practice areas as part of the graduate program at Pitcher Partners Melbourne, Chamara has been able to diversify his university knowledge with introductions into the world of risk services and data analytics.  

He has dived headfirst into the work of both teams through the support of his managers and partners.  

“Both teams are willing to help you progress, allowing me to think about what I’m genuinely passionate about, and what my goals would be,” he says.  

“Even if it’s not in the team’s interest, they are willing to prioritise the needs of the graduates and their career progression.”  

A commitment to providing the best experience for graduates has meant that Chamara has been able to plot his ideal career path with the guidance of his leadership team.  

As his interest in data analytics grew, he has been able to explore opportunities outside of his current program area and experience a diverse range of hands-on learning opportunities, setting him up for the next steps in his career. 

Pitcher Partners recognised Chamara’s admirable work ethic early on, with managers and partners being appreciative of the work he was doing and advising him to upskill through completing a CA or CPA qualification.  

When asked about the impact this has had, Chamara reflected it has helped him to feel even more supported in his career progression and get the most out of each experience.  

Away from the office, Chamara is a keen sportsman, being involved in cricket, basketball, soccer and AFL. When asked what he would do if not in the corporate world, Chamara describes his dream job as a sportsman either in the NBA or in Europe playing soccer.  

His passionate approach to sports and his zealous pursuit of improvement in both his professional and personal life has seen Chamara grow and excel admirably in many facets of his life.   

Applications are now open for the Pitcher Partners Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney student programs. Find out more here.

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