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Accounting technical

Providing clear and up-to-date accounting technical advice on financial reporting requirements and the application of accounting standards.
Clarity in compliance

The complex regulatory environment is constantly evolving with implications for financial reporting and compliance with Australian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. Seeking clear, commercially astute and up-to-date advice on current financial reporting requirements, forthcoming changes and the application of new accounting standards is crucial for businesses to ensure obligations are met accurately and on time.

As new and revised accounting standards are introduced, it’s important to evaluate the impact of changes and seek guidance where necessary to overcome any potential challenges. By accessing the extensive advisory experience of our accounting technical experts, you can gain peace of mind that your financial reporting, accounting policies and procedures are compliant with current standards.

When should you seek accounting technical advice?

Whether an ASX listed entity, non-listed public or private company, not-for-profit or public sector entity, obtaining accounting technical advice can be critical for:

Financial reporting

Assistance in reporting to regulators and government agencies in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 and legislative instruments issued by ASIC.

Financial statements

Preparation and presentation of financial statements, including the development and application of appropriate accounting policies.

Application of new accounting standards

Implementation of new and revised accounting standards, including evaluation of the impacts of changes on the financial performance and position of your business.

Acquisitions and restructuring

Assistance in the appropriate accounting treatment of business acquisitions and group restructures.


Assistance on transactions involving the issue of equity instruments, including executive and employee share or option plans.

How can we help?

Our solutions are compliant with Australian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards and include: 

  • Independent accounting advice
  • Financial reporting obligations
  • Application of accounting standards
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Development of accounting policies
  • Impact analysis of new and revised accounting standards
Experienced, independent advice

Pitcher Partners has extensive experience in offering independent financial reporting and advisory services to the private sector, public sector and not-for-profit sector. We take the time to understand your needs and present clear advice tailored to suit the unique circumstances of your business. All of our accounting technical engagements are conducted in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards issued by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board.

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