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Brisbane investment advice

Offering fully integrated wealth management, investment advice and administration services, tailored to suit your specific financial objectives.
Invest with confidence

You have worked hard to build your wealth, so when the time comes to review your long term plans, consider new investments or manage your portfolio, you want an expert by your side to recognise and assess all risks, understand the complexities of the market and offer tailored advice to suit your financial objectives. 

Navigating the increasingly volatile markets and endless noise created by the media can be a challenge for any investor. It is essential to seek unbiased advice from industry professionals who can help you manage the uncertainty, filter through speculation and feel confident in your investments.

An expert by your side

We offer fully integrated and independent wealth management, investment advice, monitoring and administration services. Our investment specialists have a deep understanding of economic indicators, earnings announcements and future predictions, and keep abreast of any changes to the economic climate, as well as any regulatory or legislative reforms that may impact your wealth.

Guided by the overarching principle of capital preservation, we work with you to manage and maximise your wealth, but do so in a risk-adjusted manner to ensure it remains protected.

Who can benefit from investment advisory services?
  • Individuals 
  • Family groups 
  • Small to medium business owners 
  • Superannuation trustees 
  • Not-for-profit organisations 
  • Membership organisations 
  • Corporates 
  • Government organisations 
How can we help?
Investment advice

The scale of client assets across our affiliated firms enables us to source sound investment opportunities and comprehensive market research on attractive terms. Our expert advisors undertake in-depth research into every asset within your portfolio and provide fully independent advice on:

  • Portfolio construction
  • Investment strategy
  • Asset selection
  • Risk analysis
Portfolio management

Our approach is guided by rigorous research as well as individual requirements for income, capital growth, ethical considerations, risk tolerance, liquidity and taxationOur investment specialists can assist with:

  • Economic analysis
  • Risk profiling
  • Asset risk and return modelling
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio construction
  • Investment selection and monitoring
  • Administration and investment reporting
Strategic financial planning

Our expert advisors can assist with outlining and implementing strategic financial planning, including:

  • Asset allocation and protection
  • Debt management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Insurance management
  • Tax structuring and efficiency
  • Superannuation
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Philanthropic advice

Truly independent advice

While the financial services industry is dominated by investment advisors that have links to related product and service providers, Pitcher Partners Wealth Management are proud to be one of the very few investment advisors that can claim true independence. We are not owned or influenced by any banks or product providers and we do not retain any commissions or any other payment from third parties. It is our belief that clients deserve the best advice possible, free from any bias.

Operating under our own Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 357636), we are authorised to provide advice on a broad range of asset classes, financial products and securities including listed securities, managed investment schemes, deposit products, debentures and bonds, derivatives, life products, retirement savings and superannuation products.

Public offer fund

The Pitcher Partners Superannuation Fund is a public offer fund established for our Brisbane clients and staff.

It suits those with balances too small to warrant the establishment cost of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) or those who want to focus on their business and not the independently managed investment of funds in the SMSF.

The fund appoints independent fund managers and is externally administered by IOOF Investment Management Limited.

Pitcher Partners Wealth Management Public Complaints Management Policy

For Reference Checking and Information Sharing Protocol contact [email protected].

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