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Funds management

The funds management sector in Australia continues to grow steadily, representing continued potential for wealth creation.
Optimised for growth

Key growth drivers of the funds management industry include increased financialisation across developed economies, ageing populations, the disintermediation of commercial banks and developments in trade-driven capital flows. The global growth of this sector in recent years has resulted in changes across sub-sectors, such as superannuation funds management and managed investment schemes.

Outsourcing is a growing trend, with fund managers increasingly transferring back-office operations to specialist third-party providers to realise efficiency improvements. Fund managers are also using technology to develop digital wealth management platforms, offering clients greater convenience and more robust information. The evolving political and regulatory landscape is creating new challenges and opportunities for fund managers and investors.

Supporting the funds management sector

Leverage our deep understanding of the funds management industry, supported by our prudent approach. We work with a range of funds in the following asset classes:

  • Private and public equity
  • Bonds
  • Property
  • Fixed interest funds
  • Fund of funds
  • Mortgage securities
  • Alternative investments

As the funds management sector continues to change, so too do the opportunities and challenges firms in the sector must face every day.


Technological innovation, big data and the changing investment environment has resulted in opportunities for fund managers to create new investment offerings. This includes the financialisation of the industry across borders, making different investment opportunities and exposure to global markets and asset classes possible for retail, wholesale and institutional investors. Australia’s growing superannuation investment pool, including the increasing popularity of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) and merger and acquisition activity across super funds, will also continue to change the investment landscape in Australia over the coming years.


Increasing compliance costs are placing pressure on margins, making the use of technology and other solutions to increase efficiencies increasingly important. Further, growing competition from index fund providers with low-fee offerings is making client retention more critical than ever before.

Your partners in funds management

Fund managers need reliable advisors to help them find and structure suitable investment opportunities and products to maximise returns. With Pitcher Partners, you’ll have access to an expert team that works with over 150 registered managed investment schemes, wholesale funds and fund managers. You’ll also benefit from a high-functioning network of individuals and organisations, which includes competitive committees, board members, financial services firms and investigative groups.

We serve as a strong voice for our clients in this sector and advocate for tax and regulatory changes that impact our clients’ businesses, ensuring you have the help you need for your business.

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