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Mergers and acquisitions

Drawn by Australia’s opportunity and potential, Australian mid-market businesses are attracting both local and international parties for acquisition opportunities.
Demand for dealmaking

Australia is a strong investment destination for global dealmakers that are drawn to the country’s robust economy, stable fundamentals, dynamic industries and links to key markets across the Asia Pacific and around the world. Combined with lower valuations relative to other markets, there are constant opportunities for domestic and international parties to capitalise on the strong businesses operating in Australia’s mid-market.

Beyond favourable fundamentals, a successful transaction is often a key factor in the next stage of business growth. Whether your goal is expansion, higher profitability, diversification or increased market share, our advisors can help you achieve your business objectives while minimising the associated transaction risks.

Dealmakers 2024: February outlook report

Dealmaker sentiment toward the Australian Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) market remains strong and the outlook looks very positive for 2024 as economic uncertainty declines

Visit the web hub to access the findings and download the full report.

Video: Meet the dealmakers

Ever wondered how M&A professionals use our Dealmakers report? In this video, we give you a few examples of how someone selling a business or buying a business works with our Corporate Finance teams, plus what they find useful in this year’s Dealmakers report. Watch now.

When should you seek M&A advisory services?

Whether you’re buying or selling, we can help maximise your results. Our team of transaction specialists work on sell-side and buy-side transactions across a diverse range of industries. We understand the challenges and needs that are unique to each side of the transaction and industry, working with our clients to realise their business and wealth goals. 


Mid-market sellers often seek a holistic deal that achieves a result beyond the purchase price. We support sellers who are:

  • Family business owners looking to realise the wealth in their business 
  • Private businesses with dynamic ownership structures 
  • Businesses that need investors to capitalise on new growth opportunities 
  • Corporate companies looking to divest non-core assets


Mid-market businesses are an appealing investment opportunity, providing avenues to secure additional customers and access to new markets. We support local and international buyers who are:

  • Looking to expand into new markets or grow their client base
  • Diversifying into new industries
  • Defending market share or protecting intellectual property from a competitor
  • Seeking returns for investors
How can we help?

Our transaction specialists work with businesses from the initial planning stage, through the full M&A process and into the post-transaction environment. We can assist with:

  • Acquisition strategy
  • Divestment strategy
  • M&A execution
  • Deal negotiation
  • Target analysis
  • Execution of the sale process
The leaders in mid-market M&A

Pitcher Partners is the industry leader for mid-market M&A in Australia. We combine technical expertise, a commercial mindset and a prudent approach with strong project management skills to coordinate and liaise with all parties on your deal.

Each year, Pitcher Partners commission extensive research into the Australian M&A landscape, in partnership with Mergermarket. The results reveal the latest changes, challenges and trends in M&A while giving us unprecedented insight into the market. This insight keeps us proactively informed about the market and provides the additional intelligence buyers and sellers need for a competitive edge in every transaction.

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