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Protection and advisory

Protect your business, secure your assets and safeguard yours and your family's future with comprehensive defensive strategies.
Safeguard your future

Even the healthiest businesses can strike trouble. A global economic crisis, such as the GFC, pandemic or geopolitical conflict, can send shockwaves through all businesses, big or small. Closer to home, the liquidation of a key customer may threaten your own business survival.

Your business can be exposed to a range of risks, from legal disputes and business succession challenges to health problems, customer disputes or failure to comply with government regulation. It’s important to ensure your assets, family wealth and legacy are protected should these unexpected situations arise. Our expert advisors can help you develop an effective protection strategy to safeguard yourself and your business from financial turmoil.

When to engage with a protection strategy advisor

Turnaround, restructuring or Safe Harbour plans

Assistance and expert recommendations for protecting your business from risk arising from creditors, customers, compliance and regulatory frameworks.

Succession planning and wealth protection

Assistance in implementing succession and protection plans to safeguard your business, personal or family wealth.  

Lending or credit protection

Assistance for businesses or individuals planning on lending money, offering credit or increasing credit limits to customers, including pre-lend investigations and advice regarding default risks.

General advice

Advice for individuals who are concerned about the impact of financial risks on themselves, their businesses or their family.

Robust protection solutions

Our expert advisors can assist you with:

  • Asset protection advice, assessment and planning
  • Succession planning
  • Business health checks
  • Turnaround, restructuring and workouts
  • Safe Harbour plans
  • Pre-lend and monitoring services
  • Training and education

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