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A reliable and accurate valuation is essential to make informed decisions, transact at appropriate values or achieve a fair and commercial outcome.
Finding fair value

Valuations are required by businesses and individuals in a range of circumstances, including financial reporting, tax, transactions and litigation. A reliable and accurate valuation is crucial for making informed decisions, transacting at appropriate values and, in litigation matters, achieving a fair and commercial outcome.

Whether it’s a matrimonial or shareholder’s dispute, or a loss of profits claim, the argument will often focus on value: the value of the business, the value of assets, the value that is being given up by one of the parties. Obtaining expert independent valuation and forensics advice early in the process is integral to potentially alleviating significant legal costs associated with drawn-out disputes.

The value of expert advice

Previously, any accountant could dabble in valuation advice. However, the industry is now increasingly recognised as a specialised service and faces closer scrutiny through regulation. Specific valuation standards, known as APES 225 Valuation Services, govern quality requirements for valuations which demand expert skills. 

Our valuations specialists have extensive experience in determining the appropriate values and outcomes for all stakeholders, supported by robust research and analysis, as well as a comprehensive understanding of commercial factors and their impact on value.

When should you seek valuation services?

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Financial reporting

For acquisitions, impairment testing, purchase price allocation and employee or executive remuneration
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To assist the court and parties in any disputes, including matrimonial, shareholder and loss of profit matters
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For stamp duty, capital gains, transfer pricing and other specific tax issues
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Acquisition and restructuring

To assist in acquisitions for negotiation purposes and for any potential share sales or restructuring within a business
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Corporations law

For takeovers, new issue of shares and other matters covered by the ASX Listing Rules and ASIC regulations
How can we help?

Our experienced valuation advisors can assist with:

  • Business valuations, including equity and shares
  • Intangible asset valuations
  • Valuation of options and rights
  • Valuation of debt and other financial instruments
  • Litigation, including shareholder and matrimonial disputes
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Employee or management incentive schemes
  • Total shareholder return analysis
  • Impairment reviews
  • Independent expert reports

Independent valuations, backed by trusted data

At Pitcher Partners, we appreciate the importance of receiving reliable and independent advice, especially when it comes to valuations. With access to an extensive database of transactions and comparable company information, including listed data via Capital IQMerger Market and IBISWorld, you can be assured that our valuations are accurate and backed by trusted data. 

Our valuations experts have a proven track record of providing high-quality valuation reports that meet the scrutiny of the ATO, ASIC and the courts. All of our valuations are conducted in accordance with the requirements of APES 225 Valuation Services issued by the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board, as well as the relevant accounting standards issued by the Australian Accounting Standards Board.

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