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Internal audit

An internal audit helps businesses to improve and operate more efficiently, while minimising the risks associated with change.
A deeper understanding of your business

Forward-thinking organisations must continually look for ways to improve business efficiency, stay ahead of competitors and respond to emerging trends. As your business evolves, the associated changes come with a level of risk, such as exposure to new threats, control gaps, regulatory violations or inadvertent operational issues. An internal audit can mitigate the potential risks associated with change while taking your organisation on a process of self-discovery to add value and achieve your performance goals and objectives.

An internal audit requires a deep understanding of your business and industry best practice. By exploring and assessing key areas such as organisational governance, risk, control, efficiency and effectiveness, the audit process can lead to new business systems, improved performance and corrective action to address issues and risks.

The value of an internal audit

A comprehensive internal audit will provide your organisation with a:

  • Deep understanding of the current business state
  • Robust risk management
  • Business performance optimisation
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Accountability for investors and consumers
  • Business process maturity benchmarking against others

Audit solutions for every business

 Internal audit reviews and plans

  • Outsourced internal audit function and reporting to the Board or Audit Committee 
  • Comprehensive data mining and data analysis 
  • Development of a risk-based internal audit strategic plan

Risk management

  • Risk assessments, management and strategies, including enterprise and environmental risks 
  • Delivery of risk management training and development of risk registers

Establishment of an internal audit function

  • Set up of the relevant Audit Committee structure and charter 
  • Co-sourced internal audit function to support existing internal audit function 

Reviews, monitoring and reporting

  • Evaluation of existing internal audit function for a Board or Audit Committee  
  • Review and monitoring of internal process and controls 
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting 

Corporate governance

  • Compliance with statutory requirements 
An agile approach to change

Pitcher Partners internal auditors are facilitators of change at the organisational and business process level. We are solutions-driven, focusing on agreed management action and strengths, over weaknesses and recommendations. Our agile project management style ensures we engage closely with you before, during and after an audit, as well as throughout the year.

Through the delivery of better practice analysis, insight from our data scientists and a unique business reporting approach, Pitcher Partners focuses on uncovering new risks, opportunities and novel solutions that can be leveraged across your organisation.

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