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Reviews and disputes

Seeking professional advice at the early stages of a tax dispute or revenue authority review process will give you the best chance of achieving a positive outcome.
Settle disputes with an expert by your side

The ability of the ATO and State and Territory revenue offices to access and analyse information about taxpayers is now more far-reaching than ever. Using automatic exchange of information powers, forensic analytical tools and data-matching, the authorities can target their investigations toward non-compliance. When attempting to satisfy the revenue authorities and prove that the right amount of tax or stamp duty has been paid, the burden lies directly with the taxpayer.

A dispute with a revenue authority can often be very stressful and lengthy process. Engaging with a taxation specialist at the early stages of the dispute process will give you the best chance to achieve a positive outcome and avoid an unnecessarily drawn-out affair.

When should you seek dispute support?

You may benefit from our reviews and disputes service if you:

  • Received an investigation letter from a revenue authority
  • Received an assessment for an incorrect tax amount
  • Received an unfavourable private ruling or objection decision
  • Need to make a voluntary disclosure regarding an underpayment of tax
  • Have been incorrectly claiming an exemption

We’re with you every step of the way

Our experienced tax dispute resolution team will work with you to fully pursue and preserve your rights by:

  • Assessing the prospects of success in relation to an objection against an assessment that has been issued
  • Drafting and lodging comprehensive submissions in response to an investigation letter, position paper or objecting to an assessment
  • Preparing a voluntary disclosure and liaising with the relevant revenue authority
  • Seeking legal counsel for litigation on the potential appeal of a decision
  • Assisting with the appeal process 
  • Engaging in settlement negotiations with the revenue authority

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