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How the new change on the FBT tax is impacting the end users

In some workplaces it is common practice to provide employees a company car as a tool of trade, as part of their compensation, or to give the possibility to finance a novated lease. However, as workplaces and companies move their fleets to a greener alternative, an unintended consequence of this can be the increased employee’s tax liability.

The future of the industry – electric vehicles

The EV dealer of tomorrow is going to look remarkably different to the dealer of today. EVs will fundamentally change the franchise dealership landscape. Along with the significant investment in infrastructure required, the EV Dealer of the Future will look remarkably different to the franchise dealer of internal combustion engines (ICE) of today.

The future of the industry – agency sales model

A limited supply of vehicles is achieving what the agency sales model sets out to do. After the two most profitable years ever in the automotive industry, we have learned a valuable lesson; limited supply leads to a dramatic increase in profitability for the entire automotive supply chain (OEMs, distributors and retailers).

Australian retail automotive industry: The dealership

Gross Margins As already discussed, Gross Margins are currently inflated on both new and used cars as there is reduced supply. Gone are the days of losing money on the metal only for the manufacturer bonuses and incentives to make up the majority if not all the gross profit for the month. The current margins … Continued

Australian retail automotive industry: Supply and demand

As touched on before, the supply of new vehicles to the Australian market is constricted. The constricted supply and recent surges in demand have pushed prices and gross margins to the highest on record, not only in new vehicles but also in the used car market. Speaking with our dealer clients, stock is limited, new orders face large wait times and average days inventory is down significantly from pre-pandemic levels.

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