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Data and analytics

Leveraging well-researched data, analytics and insights can bring important commercial benefits to your business.
Driven by data

Business leaders can no longer simply rely on their intuition and experience to make important business decisions. With the quantum of data available today, it is vital to harness, analyse and leverage these analytics and insights to remain relevant and stay ahead of the competition. Becoming a more data-driven business can be a daunting prospect, but our data and analytics specialists can help to ease the complexity of this process.

Regardless of where your organisation is at from a data maturity perspective, you can utilise analytics to improve performance, streamline operations, increase profitability, reduce risks and drive your competitive advantage.

The value of a data-driven approach

Risk mitigation and compliance

Utilise data to manage your compliance risks, including payroll, superannuation and GST.

Customer experience and growth

Leverage key customer insights to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, products, services and margins. Use predictive and prescriptive analytics to forecast potential risks and opportunities and determine what action to take.

Reporting efficiency

Combine disparate information sources, including financial and non-financial, to provide a single source of fact and accuracy. Generate actionable insights and analytics on demand.

Our specialised analytics tools

Compliance made simple

Our GST analytics tool makes compliance simple, interrogating large volumes of transactional data with the ability to analyse more extensively than traditional transaction testing.

Automating superannuation calculations

Our superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) analyser ensures clarity, accuracy and timeliness. It combines data analysis with automation to streamline the compliance process and uncover cost-saving opportunities.

Real data, insights and growth

Vantage combines the power of your financial data with customised, easy-to-read analysis, including KPIs. It gives you the clarity you need to make smart decisions faster. Find out more.

How can we help?

Business intelligence and data visualisation

  • Enable real-time performance monitoring
  • Expose key business insights through interactive self-service dashboards

Data strategy and architecture

  • Consolidate disconnected data for deeper insights into customers and performance
  • Establish scalable and secure cloud data storage solutions

Advanced analytics

  • Apply predictive modelling to optimise operations
  • Enhance customer experience

The experts in data

Pitcher Partners data analysts and scientists are skilled at mining, modelling and extracting valuable insights from data. We understand that the true value of analytics lies in its ability to solve business problems or unlock opportunities, so we work closely with you to better understand your specific needs and challenges.

Through data labs, our cross-functional teams develop and evaluate possible solutions. We plan pilots for your organisation that are designed to add value to your business and cultivate a forward-thinking approach. Once the business value of the pilot has been proven, our team design, create and deploy production-ready solutions.

Our experts

Norman Thurecht

Norman Thurecht

Partner Brisbane
Rob McKie

Rob McKie

Partner Melbourne
Peter Lawrence

Peter Lawrence

Partner Newcastle and Hunter
Adam Irwin

Adam Irwin

Managing Partner Sydney
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