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Organisations must continuously review and improve their IT systems to remain ahead of the market and safe from cyberthreat.
The power of IT

In our tech-driven world, organisations must leverage information and technology to maximise their potential and promote strong performance into the future. It is a common myth that only large organisations and corporations need to develop an IT strategy. Every organisation, no matter the size or industry, gains a competitive advantage from taking a ‘big picture’ view of business, processes and systems.

It can be challenging to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, while also keeping your organisation safe from cyber threats and data breaches. Seeking expert support can help you review, improve, choose and implement new systems that align with your business goals, enhance business growth and protect your IP and data.

The benefit of specialist IT support
  • Streamline IT and business processes and financial function
  • Accommodate agile, modern work environments
  • Filter the range of choice on the market
  • Maximise results with minimal in-house development time
  • Engage staff to ensure buy-in and take-up
  • Improve controls to manage security and risk
  • Establish response strategies for potential cyberattack and data breaches
  • Meet consumer demand and improve client experience
Discover the right IT solution for your business
IT strategy and planning
  • Technology review and health checks 
  • Diagnostic IT review
  • IT and digital strategy and planning  
  • Business system review 
  • Business case development 
  • Business analysis 
  • Cost and pricing analysis 
  • Business intelligence and analytics 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Logic-driven business process management 
Implementation and change management
  • Change management program
  • IT organisational capability
  • Workshop facilitation and requirements definition
Software and systems selection
  • Business systems consulting 
  • Systems review 
Project management
  • Project management and governance methodologies 
  • Cloud integration and development services  
  • Project and vendor management 
Managed and outsourced services
  • End-to-end infrastructure and managed services advisory capability 
  • Affordable outsourced services and roles, such as CIO
  • Vendor selection and engagement
  • Probity management
  • Evaluation frameworks
  • Comprehensive vendor selection across all technology platforms and services
  • ERP and systems selection consulting
Risk management
  • Crisis management strategy
  • Disaster recovery planning to manage contingency and risk
  • IT security
  • Cybersecurity compliance
  • Executive cybersecurity health check and dashboard
  • Cybersecurity policies
  • Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Technical assessment
Focus on cybersecurity

Thousands of Australian business are subject to cybersecurity breaches and crimes each year. Cyber threats pose reputational, financial and legal risks to businesses, owners and boards. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can impact the availability of business services, spyware can breach confidential information such as customer data and viruses may corrupt a device’s files. Ransomware is having a direct financial impact on businesses with the diversion of payments.

By taking the attitude that preventing or minimising cyber risk is a part of a robust business strategy, you can take a proactive approach to minimising cybersecurity issues for your business.

Your partners in IT

Pitcher Partners expert technology consulting team works with you to explore your growth aspirations and target industries and clients, as well as the variety of your service offerings, in order to hone in on the best IT solutions for your business. Our in-depth IT experience is backed by system selection frameworks and leading project methodologies, including Prince 2 and Agile frameworks.

Our experts

Andrew Beitz

Andrew Beitz

Principal Adelaide
Norman Thurecht

Norman Thurecht

Partner Brisbane
Rob McKie

Rob McKie

Partner Melbourne
Scott Edden

Scott Edden

Partner Newcastle and Hunter
Adam Irwin

Adam Irwin

Managing Partner Sydney
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