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Alan Max

Alan advises private and listed companies on their corporate transactions. With a demonstrable track record, Alan conducts valuations, provides corporate and strategic value advice, and serves as an independent expert. Alan undertakes valuations of businesses, intangible assets, employee equity and complex instruments. His valuation reports allow stakeholders to make informed decisions about corporate transactions and […]

Theo Sakell

Theo has extensive experience providing advice across all areas of taxation specialising in international tax and business advice to inbound and outbound business clients and wealthy family offices. Over the last 15 years, Theo has been leading his global colleagues in the coordination and advancement of tax expertise within Baker Tilly International through client engagements, […]

Denise Honey

Denise specialises in helping business owners and high net worth individuals successfully navigate the tax and business aspects of cross-border expansion and movement. She leads international tax at Pitcher Partners Melbourne and oversees an experienced team who help clients understand and negotiate the complexities of international operations. Denise offers practical, commercial advice informed by a […]

Aileen O’Carroll

Aileen is a highly qualified tax professional with experience providing advice on a broad range of transfer pricing, corporate tax and international tax matters. She specialises in cross-border transactions between related entities across a wide range of industries. Aileen has a proven track record of successfully leading and managing large and complex transfer pricing projects, […]

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