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Ransomware: 5 common myths busted

The rapidly developing sophistication of ransomware is causing chaos for many businesses, forcing them to go beyond anti-virus software or off-site backup locations.

Instead, companies are having to come to grips with a ransomware industry that is so evolved, some cyber gangs even provide call centres to help victims understand their demands and pay the price.

Navigating the new digital business landscape

Recent events have highlighted the importance for businesses to plan for what is ahead when looking at their digital transformation strategies. From supply chain impacts, to connecting with customers and dealing with new hybrid working models and meeting staff expectations, the digital landscape is undergoing rapid change – make sure you don’t get left behind. … Continued

The new digital business landscape

With commercial resilience being constantly tested over the last 18 months, the ways in which businesses have pivoted and embraced the digital space to enhance their offerings, and expand community reach and impact has been truly admirable. With increasing reliance on an ability to be agile, mobile and flexible, it’s imperative that industry professionals incorporate … Continued

Jarrod Morris

Jarrod joined Pitcher Partners in 2019. Using the scaleup expertise he has developed through rapidly growing some of Australia’s best-known technology and buy now pay later companies, Jarrod now works alongside business owners helping them achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations. He became a Principal of the Adelaide firm in 2021.    As a scaleup specialist and storyteller, Jarrod transforms … Continued

The Victorian Government’s $50,000 grants to upgrade your technology process

The Victorian Government has announced that it will provide grants of up to $50,000 to support Victorian businesses to improve their technology-based processes as they begin to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Technology Adoption and Innovation Program (TAIP) is a $5 million initiative designed for Victorian small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to implement innovative technologies or develop innovative, new commercial technology.

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