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Is that a 4 or a 9? Digitising paper records is not as easy as it seems

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of the implications for business of keeping untidy timesheets and payroll records — with increased calls for legal action against directors and employers who don’t comply. New legislation recently introduced to the Parliament will allow stronger penalties, greater fines, and even jail time for … Continued

How can hospitality businesses use artificial intelligence effectively

Some hospitality businesses are already using Artificial Intelligence or AI. Not all are using it effectively or to its full potential. AI has exploded into our lives and is here to stay, thanks to services such as ChatGPT. All businesses, including hospitality, will be embracing AI to stay ahead of their competitors and retain and grow customers or members.

How will Generative AI impact mid-market businesses?

With generative AI tools taking the world by storm businesses are set to reap many efficiency benefits. It is unlikely to completely replace roles, but streamline processes with quality control of outputs. Data security and trust are the biggest challenges and a comprehensive management plan is key

Using social recruitment to attract top talent and achieve your recruitment strategy

Key points Social recruitment involves strategically using your online and offline channels to attract more applicants for each role and have a better chance of attracting and retaining top talent. Candidates are more informed than ever due to the amount of information available online. Building a strong presence online requires ongoing commitment across your organisation, … Continued

Australian business tuning into potential of generative AI

Mid-market businesses are racing to adopt generative AI tools, even if their enthusiasm is outpacing their awareness of challenges and risks, according to the latest Business Radar Report from Pitcher Partners. One in three business leaders in the new survey of mid-market firms reported already integrating a generative AI tool into their operations, while a … Continued

Cybercrime: The importance of a chain of command

Pitcher Partners Radar report has shown that business leaders may overestimate their organisation’s preparedness for a cyber-attack or data breach, potentially leading to underestimation of the risks they face. While cybersecurity is a top priority for most mid-market companies, there is some ambiguity regarding who is responsible for cybersecurity.

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