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Are you neglecting cashflow over sales and profit?

Has your business been focussing on sales and profitability at the expense of cashflow? It is something we’ve seen businesses doing over the past couple of years. Without positive cashflow your business can go broke. In a previous Pitcher Partner’s Newcastle insight article, Sam Bacigalupo provided tips on preparing a cash flow budget as part of […]

How can hospitality businesses use artificial intelligence effectively

Some hospitality businesses are already using Artificial Intelligence or AI. Not all are using it effectively or to its full potential. AI has exploded into our lives and is here to stay, thanks to services such as ChatGPT. All businesses, including hospitality, will be embracing AI to stay ahead of their competitors and retain and grow customers or members.

How will Generative AI impact mid-market businesses?

With generative AI tools taking the world by storm businesses are set to reap many efficiency benefits. It is unlikely to completely replace roles, but streamline processes with quality control of outputs. Data security and trust are the biggest challenges and a comprehensive management plan is key

Lirize Loots

Lirize is a Client Director in our Tax Advisory division with over 15 years of experience. She has experience working as a transfer pricing specialist, where she worked closely and collaboratively with the client teams across various areas of the business, to help clients proactively manage their transfer pricing risk and reporting obligations. Lirize joined […]

Australian business tuning into potential of generative AI

Mid-market businesses are racing to adopt generative AI tools, even if their enthusiasm is outpacing their awareness of challenges and risks, according to the latest Business Radar Report from Pitcher Partners. One in three business leaders in the new survey of mid-market firms reported already integrating a generative AI tool into their operations, while a […]

Challenges and solutions for employee share schemes for small listed companies

Employee share schemes can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to motivate and retain their staff. By giving employees the opportunity to own a stake in the company, businesses can align their interests with those of their workers and encourage them to work towards the company’s success. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to set up an employee share scheme discount sale in your business. We’ll cover the benefits of offering such a scheme, the different types of schemes available, and how to structure the scheme for maximum success. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, an employee share scheme could be a valuable addition to your remuneration package, so let’s get started.

Business Radar 2022: How mid-market decision makers find time to think big

Pitcher Partners’ recent Business Radar, a survey of 400 mid-market business leaders and owners, found 68% of mid-market decision makers wished they could spend more time planning and thinking about ‘big-picture’ decisions – sound familiar? The report also identifies a range of barriers business leaders struggle with that prohibit them from spending time on planning.

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