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Sydney Wealth Management update winter 2022

Welcome to our latest Wealth Management Update. This edition covers the following topics: Banking reporting season update Take a look at the H1FY22 financial results for the four Australian banking majors, along with an overview and our commentary on these results. We delve into net interest margins, cash earnings, operating expenses, return on equity, capital … Continued

Russia-Ukraine conflict update

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022 across multiple points along their shared border. While there were initial calls of a swift Russian victory, those began to falter as time wore on and Ukrainian resistance surprised outside observers. The snapshots below compare the state of Russian inroads at the end of March and early June. … Continued

Investment interest rate hikes

Don’t let investment goals be blinded by interest rate rises. More than $650 million in loans[1] were drawn down in April alone for the purpose of personal investment, and that doesn’t include financing property. Investors have enjoyed low interest rates across the last few years, but now the cost of money is turning skywards. Indications … Continued

Australian banking reporting season update

Three of the Australian banking majors reported their H1FY22 financial results during the month of May (CBA having already reported in February). A broad summary of these results can be seen in the table below.[1] H1FY22 results (% changes are relative to H1FY21, (Mar’21 to Mar’22)[2] Bank Net Interest Margins (%) Cash earnings ($b) Operating … Continued

International shares reporting season update

Notes: Results referring to percentage changes (increases/decreases) relate to the previous corresponding period (pcp), e.g. Q4FY22 results are compared to those of Q4FY21. Underlying EPS  is ‘Underlying Earnings Per Share’ Adobe (ADBE:US)[1] Share price 8/6/2022: US$428.84 Result Q1 FY22 Revenue US$4.26b, up 9% on the pcp. Underlying EPS US$3.37, an increase of 7% on the … Continued

Cameron Curko

Driven by data, Cameron has built an impressive career informing business macroeconomic strategy. In his role, Cameron guides the strategic asset allocation of Pitcher Partners Sydney and manages model portfolios across a range of assets, including direct equities, managed funds and ETFs under CIO Martin Fowler. He also plays an important research role in assessing … Continued

What would stagflation mean for investors?

Commodities such as oil spiked dramatically in February and March, the price of staples such as corn and wheat have soared compared to the value at start of 2020, and European countries are scrambling to reduce their reliance on Russia’s natural gas, creating supply shocks.

Sydney Wealth Management | Economic and Market Outlook – April 2022

The information in these articles are current as at 1 April 2022. Welcome to our Economic and Market Outlook – April 2022. This edition covers the following topics: Global economic update: inflation and interest rate headwinds This article discusses the geopolitical implications of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on the international economy. It also looks … Continued

Global economic update: inflation and interest rate headwinds

The information in this article is current as at 1 April 2022. Part 1: Overview Russia-Ukraine War On 24 February, Russia invaded Ukraine. This followed weeks of military exercises along their mutual borders and heightened rhetoric from the Putin regime, which is still couching the invasion as a “special military operation” in communications to Russian … Continued

Australian economic update: strong start to 2022

The information in this article is current as at 1 April 2022. Part 1: Overview Growth The Australian economy is tracking at above-trend levels to start 2022. 2021 saw the economy grow by 4.2% according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) compared against a trend (average) growth rate of 2.7%. We also see business … Continued

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