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Moving from CFO to CEO: 5 tips for the top job

Lateral hires support succession and a CFO is often uniquely placed to step up as CEO Making the jump can minimise business disruption, retain business knowledge and leverage relationships Team trust, an ability to influence and broad business knowledge can ready a CFO for the top job In a dynamic talent market it’s more important … Continued

Revving the deal engine: Why M&A could hit the accelerator in 2024

When the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market stalls — as it seemed to do last year — there is a tendency to focus on the negatives of tough economic conditions, low risk appetite and rising interest rates. But Pitcher Partners’ Dealmakers survey shows the Australian M&A market is about to go up a few gears in 2024. … Continued

Retail 2024: Turning headwinds into opportunities

Key points: Australian retailers are facing numerous economic challenges and disruptions to business Maintaining a firm oversight on costs and developing contingency plans will strengthen your business Customer loyalty, value creation and investing in your people are key to growing market share The retail headwinds just seem to keep coming. Retailers have endured narrowing margins, … Continued

2024 property industry-related predictions

2023 was a challenging/difficult/disastrous year for the property industry ….feel free to choose your own adjective, but for almost all in the industry this covers the spectrum. 2024 is predicted by most to be more of the same with cautious green shoots of optimism about 2025.  Accepting that none of us can predict the impact … Continued

Before untying the knot

January is best known for making (and breaking) resolutions, but it’s also when many couples start divorce proceedings —and that can deliver a financial shock, particularly for women. While some might welcome starting a new chapter in the new year, women can find themselves more susceptible to financial challenges following a divorce, faced with a sudden decline in household income and wealth.

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