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Pitcher Partners strongly represented in Barron’s top adviser ranking

Pitcher Partners has featured strongly in a prestigious ranking of financial advisers, with four partners named in the top 25 of Barron’s Top 100 Australian Financial Advisers 2023 list.

Adam Stanley, who heads up Pitcher Partners’ Investment Advisory Practice in Melbourne, climbed the rankings to be named the third top adviser in the country.

Mr Stanley was ranked fifth in on the 2022 list.

Pitcher Partners’ Sydney Wealth Management Managing Director – Wealth, Charlie Viola, has built on a strong track record with Barron’s since its launch and is ranked fourth top adviser.

Melbourne-based David Bedford, who specialises in advice, management and investment portfolio construction for high-net worths, family offices and boutique institutions, was ranked 16th, up from 42nd on Barron’s Top 100 list in 2022.

Kellie Davidson, a financial planning, portfolio administration, and investment advisory expert at Pitcher Partners Melbourne, was ranked 21st, up from 36 in last year’s Barron’s Top 100.

Mr Viola said Pitcher Partner’s strong performance was a testament to the firm’s ability to foster trust with its clients.

“Trust is the only commodity you can’t buy,” Mr Viola said.

“Every client will assume we can count and we know what we are doing, but they need to know we are acutely aware that we are dealing with their life savings and their life’s legacy.

“While the enduring service is the investment management, the real value add is getting to know the client, understanding their real needs and being their conduit to life.”

Mr Viola also said trust was the key to building a high quality, sustainable client base.

“Clients will be OK when stuff goes wrong, as over time, sometimes it will,” he said. “But they will only be OK if you’re always honest about what the outcomes are and you have a collective vision on the direction you are going as a partnership.”

Mr Stanley said Pitcher Partners Melbourne’s combined outstanding performance was due to the firm’s ability to genuinely connect with clients.

“Individuals, family groups and boards who value the need for advice are seeking a commitment by us to understand their personal circumstances, challenges and aspirations, and exploring multiple options to deliver an ideal outcome,” Mr Stanley said.

“We do this by identifying how well an investment strategy aligns capital and income flows towards creating real world value in keeping with our clients’ beliefs and objectives.”

Mr Stanley shares Mr Viola’s view that trust is key to having a long and prosperous client relationship.

“Trust takes time to build and can be easily lost,” he said. “Our approach is based on forging mutual respect by being considered and approachable and not afraid to deliver a message that clients don’t wish to hear.

“Once trust is established, the working and often personal relationship formed with clients is very rewarding.”

A collaboration between The Australian and United States-based investment magazine Barron’s, the Top 100 Financial Advisers list is Australia’s most prestigious ranking of finance professionals.

Advisers are ranked by assessing three general categories: client assets managed, fees and revenue generated and the quality of the adviser’s business.

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