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Pitcher Partners Investment Services recognised as leader in responsible investing

Pitcher Partners Investment Services (PPIS) has become one of a few wealth managers in Australia to be certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA), a recognition that the firm and its advisors meets high standards for responsible investing.

The RIAA certification provides confidence that a product or provider meets its Australian and New Zealand Standard for responsible investing, a sought-after measure among investors and consumers.

As one of only a select few firms across Australia and New Zealand with RIAA certification, Pitcher Partners Melbourne PPIS Partner Adam Stanley, said it reflected PPIS’ commitment to upholding the highest standard of responsible investment services.

“The RIAA certification reaffirms the network’s leadership role amid growing interest from investors in responsible investment funds, stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs),” Adam said.

“There is no question that investors, consumers and voters care more now than ever about playing their role in protecting people and planet, and sustainability is shaping the future of investment in Australia and around the world,” Adam said.

“PPIS not only recognises this movement but we are enhancing our clients’ experience, offering high quality products and services to meet their goals.

“The RIAA certification is welcome recognition of our team’s dedication to delivering the most trusted investment service for our clients, and ensuring open and transparent communication throughout the entire process.

“We look forward to continuing to grow alongside our clients in the sustainable investment space.”

Certification though the RIAA involves a rigorous process of assessment and disclosure, including third-party evaluation around ESG processes, systems and performance metrics.

As PPIS has been proactive in enhancing internal processes and initiatives to better serve client needs, Pitcher Partners Melbourne PPIS Partner Kellie Davidson, said they have developed an internal Responsible Investment Charter that outlines internal processes and procedures when offering responsible investment products to clients.

“We have improved how we analyse and review data on responsible investment, and how best to avoid ‘greenwashing’, where financial products take advantage of the hype around responsible investment areas, such as climate change, without adhering to best practice,” Kellie said.

“The rise in responsible investing has exposed many examples of greenwashing, and we must ensure that any claims made about responsible behaviour is adhered to in the products we offer,” she said.

Although PPIS as a practice has been newly minted with RIAA certification, many of the Pitcher Partners Melbourne team have already achieved individual certification, which requires training, knowledge and experience in advising clients across the responsible investing space.

“PPIS is also training its staff to be informed about trends within the responsible investing area, encouraging discussion monitoring of developments within the responsible investing sphere,” Kellie said.

“Our commitment to ensuring the highest of standards within responsible investing doesn’t stop here and the practice is pursuing further developments over the coming months.”

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