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Not-for-Profit survey seeks to unveil hidden truths


Pitcher Partners are pleased to announce the release of their Not-for-Profit (NFP) Survey to further engage with the sector. The survey seeks to unveil organisations strategic plans towards the changing NFP landscape, current human resourcing challenges and the prospect of adopting new technology to assist in bettering processes.

The survey delves into the financial, governance and capital management elements of the sector, asking respondents to disclose their governance priorities and the predicted changes they believe will affect their financial support and the factors driving the investment in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Christian Golding Wealth Advisory Executive Director at Pitcher Partners Perth says that the survey will provide key insights into the future challenges faced by NFPs, particularly looking to long term sustainability beyond COVID-19.

“The survey is forward focused as it seeks to unearth the difficulties NFPs are predicting to face within the next three to five years. It particularly focusses on financial concerns and challenges, which has been a pain point for NFPs for some time now,” Mr Golding said.

Melissa Alexander Business Advisory and Assurance Partner at Pitcher Partners Sydney conveyed the urgency behind needing to understand the inherent issues of the sector so upcoming challenges can be minimised.

“It is important to understand the anticipated long-term challenges so that comprehensive strategic planning can be adapted, making it possible for issues to be tackled uniquely and thoroughly. If a pattern is reoccurring and it is expected to only worsen in the future, then it is our responsibility to understand the issue now so that we can help them address it proactively, mitigating the potential effects in the future,” said Mrs Alexander.

As part of Pitcher Partners ongoing commitment to the NFP community, three organisations will have the opportunity to have $2,000 donated, by Pitcher Partners, to a charity of their choice. Winners will be selected randomly.

Pitcher Partners look forward to uncovering industry insights so that NFPs can be supported in overcoming projected challenges while taking advantage of opportunities that may arise.

The Not-for-Profit survey can be accessed via this link.

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