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Why business remains optimistic despite economic headwinds

Consumer sentiment remains in the doldrums, yet the latest feedback from the mid-market business community is that they remain broadly optimistic for the future. Newly updated ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer sentiment data shows 53% of respondents say their family is worse off now than they were 12 months ago, while just 8% are anticipating ‘good times’ … Continued

How can hospitality businesses use artificial intelligence effectively

Some hospitality businesses are already using Artificial Intelligence or AI. Not all are using it effectively or to its full potential. AI has exploded into our lives and is here to stay, thanks to services such as ChatGPT. All businesses, including hospitality, will be embracing AI to stay ahead of their competitors and retain and grow customers or members.

How will Generative AI impact mid-market businesses?

With generative AI tools taking the world by storm businesses are set to reap many efficiency benefits. It is unlikely to completely replace roles, but streamline processes with quality control of outputs. Data security and trust are the biggest challenges and a comprehensive management plan is key

Karen Faehndrich

“Successful wealth creation is about making good decisions and small sacrifices, over and over again. Having the time and financial discipline to do this sometimes feels impossible – having a professional adviser is essential to keeping you focused on what really matters.” Karen Faehndrich is a highly qualified Financial Adviser. She has more than 17 … Continued

Alison Fischer

“I really enjoy meeting people and working out how I can help clients to know they’re going to have the lifestyle they want… for the rest of their life.” Alison gets great satisfaction from helping her clients feel confident about their future finances and lifestyle, whether they are in Generation Y, at retirement age, or somewhere … Continued

Joshua Drake

“There’s a big difference between your risk capacity, your risk tolerance and your required risk. And that’s important. These are critical in designing investment outcomes.” Josh is a multi-award-winning adviser specialising in strategic and technical wealth management, and features on the prestigious list of Most Trusted Australian Advisers, by the Beddoes Institute. He has also … Continued

Lydia Blakemore

“I really enjoy helping people in achieving their goals. Through understanding and tracking their progress together we look confidently to the future.” Lydia’s engaging and understanding approach to delivering on her clients’ specific needs are key elements of her friendly yet professional style. Working with multi-generational families she enjoys assisting each generation with their unique … Continued

Mark Alexander

“We concentrate on getting the strategy right in the first place and that depends totally on what drives you, what your objectives are.” Mark is a multi-award-winning adviser specialising in wealth management strategies, superannuation and estate planning, for successful business owners and professionals and has been named National Adviser of the Year by Securitor Financial … Continued

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