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Renewable energy and utilities​

Australia's renewable energy and utilities sectors continue to transform in response to technology, the environment and regulatory changes.
Keeping Australia connected

Australia’s utilities sector is complex, competitive and faced with the challenge of continual innovation to keep up with empowered consumers, increased demand for data, advances in sustainability and growing competition.

In order to sustain growth, the renewable energy sector must navigate and adapt to a particular set of challenges, such as pricing regulation, disruptive technologies, more sophisticated demand management, virtual power plants, rising consumer expectations for lower prices and better service, and the limits of the total addressable market.

Pitcher Partners works extensively across both the renewables and utilities industries and has developed a strong understanding of the commercial and business imperatives that underpin success.

A pragmatic and commercial approach

Faced with an array of commercial and regulatory challenges, businesses in the renewables and utilities sectors need a pragmatic, commercial view of their operations to ensure their business model meets current and future demands. We work with a range of businesses across this sector, including:

  • Urban water corporations
  • Rural water corporations
  • Renewable energy providers
  • Asset managers
  • State government administrators

While constant change can be challenging, it also presents new opportunities for renewable energy and utilities providers to innovate and future-proof their organisations.


Key challenges in the renewable energy and utilities sectors include adhering to and staying current on ever-changing legislative and compliance obligations, managing environmental risks, developing and maintaining environmental management systems, establishing sustainable business processes, implementing new IT systems and processes, and change management implementation.


The growing use of big data and data analytics is a key opportunity for renewable energy and utilities businesses. Successfully integrating data requires effective change and project management to ensure robust business improvements. From technical system implementation to project governance and vendor selection, there are opportunities at each stage of the business improvement process to strengthen your strategy and operations.

An experienced team by your side

Pitcher Partners has a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in science, engineering, law, accounting, information technology, risk management, business process analysis, advanced data analysis, marketing and insolvency. Our expertise enables us to share valuable insights, changes and solutions relevant to your organisation.

Our experience ranges from environmental and corporate social responsibility (customer management, community engagement and hardship management), through to organisational management (corporate planning, billing, IT environment and systems review and improvement, finance and compliance) and core operations (asset management, capital works programs, water quality management and water systems management).

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